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Fetish gas sleeping

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Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I love the whole gas mask experience, the feeling of the mask against my skin, the smell of the rubber and filtered air, the sound Fetish gas sleeping my breathing with the air rushing through the ports and the clicking and popping of the valves. And of course seeing myself masked. I stay masked for hours at a time only removing it to drink and eat. I really wish thet going out with a gas mask was socially acceptable.

Fetish gas sleeping I love wearing my gas mask too, and there is no feeling like it. How do others feel about it??????????????? As a professional, nursingnanny I wear several types of gasmasks for administering enemas and clean messy bottoms. Mostly combined with rubber aprons and rubber raincoats, gloves and boots. The pleasure to deal with persons in a more severe manner, to punish them whilst gasmasked, are extreme exciting!

Martha; mackintoshed and gasmasked nanny. I love the tactile feel that a gas mask gives. Having seen so many gas mask photos on Flickr, Fetish gas sleeping find it Fetish gas sleeping that so many quite obviously have a thing for them, and yet comparitiely few seem to want to join groups like this one, and discuss their masks, and or their feelings about why they like Fetish gas sleeping and Fetish gas sleeping started them on this particular road.

It is something I'm very interested in, because although I have my own reasons for loving gas masks, I'd like to understrand others attractions to them, and maybe uncover other things that may lurk in the back of my mind about my own love of them which I'm not truly aware of. Things like Wikipedia suggest that it is something that came from the wartime experience, but that doesn't explain how those of Fetish gas sleeping born long after WW2 might Fetish gas sleeping become attracted to them, especially as they haven't been everyday parts of peoples lives in europe etc for many years, unless you encountered Fetish gas sleeping in military service or similar.

In my case I already had a thing for masks and when I saw one up close I wanted to try it as something different to those masks that I already liked.

What do you folks think?

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Its a sexual thrill for me, to wear masks and gasmasks, as I can dominate others. Commanding them with a sinister voice through a gasmask with a build in microphone Also I we make outdoors walks Fetish gas sleeping rubbermacks and gasmasks, as wearing them often during the nighttime for triking motorbiking Martha.

When I had a motorbike years ago, I too often used to go out for nightime rides with a gas mask on under my open face helmet on the secluded Fetish gas sleeping lanes, and sometimes a rubber hood under the gas mask, it was always a great thrill to hear the wind rushing as well as he sound of my breathing through the mask.

I still sometimes go for walks in my gas mask, but would love to have a bike again to recapture that past fun.

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I got exposed to gas masks growing Fetish gas sleeping in the US Army. My father would bring his MA2 home to clean it or pack it up before a field exercise. He would often times allow me to play with it.

The first time I pulled those straps over my head, I was hooked! At that age, Fetish gas sleeping head was too small to get any kind of good seal with that mask, but it didn't matter. The smell and the feel was great.

I love everything about gas masks. I love the smells. Each mask I own has a different yet wonderful rubber smell. I love the tight seal that you get. It's like the mask is sucking on your face! Fetish gas sleeping

Dedicated to your stories and...

I love the sound of my breathing or that of someone else. The sound of someone talking in a gas mask is great. I enjoy the breathe control that a gas mask allows.

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And of course, there is the sight of a person in a gas mask that just can't be described. Like gasmaskandgloves, I sometimes spend hours in a gas mask. Most of the time when I'm surfing the net for pics I'm Fetish gas sleeping one.

I like the warmth and the heat.

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The satisfaction of breaking the seal on a mask thats been one your face for hours and seeing the sweat pooled in the chin cup is super. From time to time, I'll drive my car at night while wearing one of my gas masks. I'll even drive during the day while wearing a mask, but only out in the country. Could you imagine being stopped by the police wearing an S6 or an M17 while driving?! I guess that danger is what makes it so exciting.

I can't explain why I or anybody else has a gas mask fetish. Fetish gas sleeping have been exposed to them, and they either hate them, Fetish gas sleeping are neutral in their thoughts about them. I believe that there are probably way more people in Europe and the UK that have a gas mask fetish than here in the US where I live. Why this is I have no idea. Prior to the net, you really had to search for a gas mask in the US. If you were lucky, the local surplus store would have one.

But, they probably wouldn't have had a large selection to choose from. Well, I'm rolling too long.

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If anybody has a question about what I said, send me a message. Well, In my case it was like life saving. The first time I used a gas mask Fetish gas sleeping was to enter into a house with a lot of tear gas in it I had entered previously Fetish gas sleeping the mask and damn! I agree with gasmaskand gloves. The snug rubber helmet and the tough breathing cannister make Fetish gas sleeping a favorite I have several GP-5's and they are all " favorites " ; it feels part of me, and I always regret having to remove it.

I can feel the hot rubber outside and in, and it is a wonderful sensation, especially when it becomes damp from condensation and sometimes sweat, or even when I can reach a part of the rubber with my tongue.

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Each of these masks has a distinctive rubber smell from the delicate to the pungent, and in fact Fetish gas sleeping mask seems to have its own personality.

Fetish gas sleeping enjoy the feeling during such exertions as can be experienced around the house, and wish it were possible to go outside, ride the bicyclle etc. If anybody is interested I can comment on the several other gas masks which I enjoy as well. Gasproof rubber, that's a great description.

I agree how he Fetish gas sleeping hooded masks become part of you, and I too always regret it once I've taken it off. The GP5, PBF, SChMS1 etc are my absolute favourites, especially in the first few weeks of wear, when the smell of the rubber, and the aroma the filter Fetish gas sleeping to the air being pulled through it is at it's strongest, and most pungent. I always get the greatest enjoyment from these masks when breaking in a new one, Fetish gas sleeping is a definate favourite for those secluded walks, especially if it's a wet and windy night.

Yes, I'd agree with everything that gasproof rubber and Gasmaskandgloves have said about masks from the former Soviet bloc; there's nothing like them for their tight fit, grotesque look and gorgeous smell As a hetero sub rubberist, my biggest kick is being dominated by a gasmasked woman.

For a while, three years or so ago, I used to visit a pro-domme in Reading called Mistress Velvet sadly now retired.

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