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Posted April 14, The resistance to transgenderism and unisex toilets - both from Germaine Greer here and with North Carolina lawmakers - reveals a paternalistic arrogance and threatens to deny physical reality and human dignity, writes Michael Bradley.

When I arrived at Sydney University in and found that the main student union bar had unisex toilets, it pretty much blew my mind. The concept of the two genders incidentally discovering each other's sanitary procedures was not something I had ever contemplated. Imagine my surprise later on when I learned that humanity is not neatly divided into two genders at all.

That's the journey we're on, like it or not.

As the language has progressed from "gay" to LGBTQIA - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual and asexual - we've all been confronted by the challenge to our traditional understandings of what it actually means to be human. People respond to this challenge in infinitely varied ways, influenced by their own life experiences, what they've been taught and what they believe.

The confusion this generates is understandable. These questions aren't easy. Back to the toilet block though, because it's really in the Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet where we confront the starkest realities of our shared existence. And it's now provided what's become an international focal point for the challenges of transgenderism and intersexuality.

In short, it kills the unisex toilets idea dead. HB2 follows the modern trend of clothing discriminatory laws in anti-discriminatory language. It is the public policy of this State to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all individuals OK, so no discrimination in the bathrooms of North Carolina, but discrimination is redefined to not include what HB2 is actually Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet about.

That is a legislative mandating of two things: The last part is achieved by defining your "biological sex" as the gender stated on your birth certificate.

It's an interesting thing when a legislature feels the need to make a law stating what "is", as opposed to the more normal role of lawmaking, which is to tell us how to behave. There was a Parliament in another country once which felt so concerned about the prospect of gay people marrying each other that it rushed through a law redefining "marriage". These things never end well. There Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet many other variants, biologically as well as by choice.

The point is not to try to keep redefining the categories, or determine whether anyone is right or wrong.

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I do not understand comments like this from Germaine Greer:. If you're a year-old truck driver who's had four children with a wife and you decide that the whole time you've been a woman, I think you're probably wrong!

The difference between the attitudes of Greer and the North Carolina legislature is hard to discern; they both apparently think they have the right to tell people what or who they are. Putting aside that prejudice which denies uncomfortable or confronting realities and just gets in the way, of course there is still a challenge here.

We didn't invent single sex bathrooms in the first place for no reason. Unisex toilets at my school would have led to poor educational outcomes, I'm Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet sure.

There is also the sad truth that, for women, the bathroom and changing room are sanctuaries from the sexualised scrutiny to which they are subjected in pretty much every society and away from which no generation seems to have been able to evolve.

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Much as I'd kind of like to advocate unisex toilets everywhere, I do see the problem with that. What if a man does decide that he's a woman, and wants to use the ladies' toilet? There is a loud objection from those who suspect that he's wrong about that, or that he's lying about it.

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Assuming we can separate out any bigotry in that response from a rational concern such as that a man with voyeuristic intentions may pretend to be transgender for the purpose of gaining access to a female Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet roomthen yes, we have a real problem with which to contend.

The solution is not simple, although I do note that earlier violent objections to the sharing of bathrooms and locker rooms with gay men seem to have subsided with time. An understanding that difference does not equate to perversion will make the conversation much more constructive.

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Whatever the answer is, it must be founded on respect. Our ultimate human right is the possession of our own identity. A law which says that we cannot define that identity for ourselves necessarily infringes that right. It is the height of paternalistic arrogance to mandate that a person is by some legal definition male or female, as it is to tell them that they are not really gay.

We are surely capable of a more sophisticated approach than the manufactured concept of "biological sex". There has been a strong reaction to the North Carolina law. Numerous corporations have Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet denounced it and are boycotting the State. As the B Corporation movement, which represents companies worldwide who share a charter of conducting their business "as if people and place mattered", said when announcing that it Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet moving its annual conference away from North Carolina:.

We cannot ask members of the LGBT community to travel to a state where they do not feel safe or comfortable and may feel threatened. HB2 is prejudice enshrined in law.

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It denies both physical reality and human dignity. It hurts already-marginalised people in the name of protecting others, but there are better ways of properly balancing public safety with our most precious right of all - to be who we are. Michael Bradley is the managing Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet of Sydney law firm Marque Lawyers, and he writes a weekly column for The Drum.

He tweets at marquelawyers.

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OK while I am confronted by transgenderism and the thought of unisexism I understand it doesn't really impact on me nor should it be a bother to society.

Lets try and get over the concept that some people feel and live in a way that is different, so what? Again it is an issue where those that live differently don't impact on anyone other than themselves, so what? For me it is not a matter of personal importance, I just take the view that something is doing Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet harm, which transgender identification appears to be doing, then why make it harmful by making it an issue of contention and debate.

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Yes there are certain physical aspects of gender that are pretty hard to ignore or discard but if the psychology of the person is set the other way then so be it. The involvement of the North Carolina legislature indicates that it probably has too much time on its hands. Perhaps all the state's roads and other essential services are all up to date and perfect. If that's the case then perhaps the good people of North Carolina could save some money by sending their legislators home for a holiday.

Malcolm, "The North Carolina Legislature Just because a Democratic Legislature acts in a Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet you don't like gives you not right to be insulting.

Far from being an insult I made a positive suggestion as to how the NC Legislature might better spend its time - what's wrong with better roads and other services.

What changes are they pushing for that are far more than just bathrooms?

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Why can't people live and let live? What is it with small minded people and their 'right' to control others. Who is demanding change in the way we use language e.

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Who is demanding limits to free speech and legitimate academic discussion think the no-platform movement? Who is demanding taxpayer money to fund 'safe spaces', school programs, etc.

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Live and let live? The fact that the sjw brigade is lobbying for men to use female bathrooms is more than enough. It's a foul and regressive move and one which makes a mockery of their quest for a more tolerant society. They gay agenda isn't trying to "live and let live". This is why it is so destructive and deceitful to think that the gay agenda is "live and let live" If you want Australia to turn into a social sewer, then this is how you do it.

Meanwhile whilst all of the intolerant, ignorant parents are beating their drums, their children are getting bullied and beaten up in the background, but that is less important than saving face isn't it. Yes NA and people like myself have to put up with people who come to the door trying to convert me to their particular religion - but I Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet not react with a tirade of abuse I simply say not interested thank you, wish them a happy day and say goodbye.

That way they are not left feeling bullied and I have exercised my democratic rights. There so much more pleasant than all that anger you seem to have.

Here's a thing about Safe Schools - by encouraging tolerance and understanding of difference, it also helps to save hetero kids from being baited with taunts of "faggot", "poofter", etc if they are different.

As an Asperger's Syndrome weird kid at high school, my sexuality was constantly called into question by malicious dropkicks because it was an easy way to make me miserable, and I lacked the social skills Mature mother broadcasting from mens toilet confidence to deflect and laugh off those attacks.

So please understand that your experience of the Good Old Dangerous Schooldays might not have been everyone's.