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Falling out of love with wife

xXx Images Falling out of love with wife.
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I can't tell you how many unhappy husbands I've seen in my office over the past decade or so. They present with all kinds of issues, from infidelity to in-law troubles and everything in between.

Yet despite the variety of marriage problems that can arise, there are some complaints that are so prevalent and common that they warrant being Falling out of love with wife out. Below are eight of the most common complaints that unhappy husbands make about their wives.

When you speak to your husband, your voice tone is full Falling out of love with wife negativity, contempt and criticism. If he tries to express a concern or complaint about the marriage, you rise up in angry defensiveness and throw the blame back on him instead of hearing him out.

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If your husband has a free moment, you pounce on him and order him to fix something around the house. If he goes out with friends, you text him incessantly, asking when he'll be home.

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Basically, you're a matrimonial version of the micro-managing boss. You're a cold fish in bed.

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