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I like a guy at work

Porn Base I like a guy at work.

I like a guy I like a guy at work work…I see him every day and from the different things he does or says glances, smiles etc I think that there is a chance he likes me too but you never know for sure…He is 35 and single. He is an average looking guy but with a strong personality and he is also very sociable and humorous.

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I noticed that even though he is really comfortable talking to and teasing other girls at work, he is not that comfortable when he talks about me or to me! Many times, I may turn to him unexpectedly and catch him looking at me. For example, he may make a joke that has nothing to do with me at all and I turn I like a guy at work look at him and laugh at the joke and I notice that he had already been looking at me!

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