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Why are irish funerals so quick

XXX Video Why are irish funerals so quick.
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The Irish are well-known for their joy, belief in good luck, and uplifting spirits, especially when it comes to enjoying a party. With the excitement surrounding St.

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The most well-known is the Irish Wake. Often the Irish Wake is a party, a true celebration of the life of a person, as friends and relatives gather about to eat, drink and share memories. There are elements from the traditional Why are irish funerals so quick wake that we can learn from because they function as a way to celebrate the life of a deceased Why are irish funerals so quick one.

Until modern times, Irish wake customs ran the gamut from profound grieving to what appeared to be rollicking good fun. There would be lots of food and plenty of drinks. In parts of Ireland it is still common to display the body of the loved one in the family home. Wakes of the past started with neighbor women washing the body of the deceased and preparing it to be laid out on a bed or a table, often in the largest room of the house.

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The old-fashioned Irish wake was born of a cultural blend of paganism and Christianity and is still practiced today, but in a very toned down way. Certain rituals were followed in an Irish wake:.

Like the Irish wake, we can join together to eat, drink and share memories. More Posts - Website. We place a black crepe on the front door of the house the wake is taking place.

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It is the men that keep vigil over the corpse during the night. A drop of whiskey lubricates the tongue and wonderful stories of the deceased are shared until morning.

I remember the laughter coming from many a wake. I feel lucky that we still observe most of the traditions in the area I come from…. Being a Christian and follower of Christ, I am looking forward to Why are irish funerals so quick death. I want a party with music, food, and celebrating. A city with streets of purest gold.

To see all my love ones. But most of all I get to meet and spend eternity with my savior Jesus and my God. I get to live forever without any pain, heartache, or tears.

I get choked up just think about it. Very useful comments Rochelle although I am of Irish father and spanish mother I am attending my first funeral and want to make sure I respect the passing in every way. I am going to one and wanted to make sure I understood what Why are irish funerals so quick be expected.

Just lost a deer friend. John, thanks for the beautiful comment. Wishing you all the best.

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This is very helpful. I am currently going through training to be a death doula. I hope to be able to help people have knowledge of ancient funeral practices.

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Also as I think what I want for my funeral I really want it to be from my Irish heritage. This is a great start in researching the Irish wake. We recently fulfilled the last wishes of our father who was from Ireland.

He obviously attended many funerals as a kid and left us instructions as how it was to be. He was set up for three nights in his house where many people came to pay respects.

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At the graveyard, he requested that we three sons backfill his grave by shovel. Needless to say this took a special request to the groundskeeper, but we were successful.

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The funeral home had not done an Irish wake in decades, but they did it! Thank you for writing this, it is a good tradition and I recommend keeping it alive.

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