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Wednesday, November 7, 83 Today's Paper. He says all the happiness went out of his life July 26, when his pregnant daughter and son-in-law died in an Lexi hagen that he witnessed.

In a matter Lexi hagen a split second, our life was in turmoil. It's so very, very frustrating. I still wake up every morning and say, 'God, no. They learned after the accident that Lazzell had consumed alcohol at an afternoon gathering with friends that day. Though her blood-alcohol level of 0. Lazzell's car crossed completely into the lane of the motorcycle that Chad Hagan was driving, according to an accident reconstruction.

He had a blood-alcohol level of 0. Illinois law says a driver is presumed intoxicated at 0. Edgar County State's Attorney Matt Sullivan decided to prosecute Lazzell on just the petty traffic offense after consulting with lawyers from the Illinois Department of Transportation. It's our burden to show that she didn't doze off, that she was under the influence.

If you can't show beyond a reasonable doubt that's not what happened, the best you have is improper lane usage," Sullivan said. That's wrong," Stewart said. The law says Lexi hagen should be held accountable for our actions. She made a conscious decision to get behind the wheel of that car Lexi hagen drive the way she did.

She knew what could happen, and she did it anyway. She raised Chad in Bismarck with a live-in boyfriend who for 18 years was a big part of Chad's life. At first, Lexi hagen it happened, I looked at all the angles. Then I Lexi hagen out she'd been drinking and had drugs in her system. That changed my outlook.

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She took that choice and she did that. We're upset, but we're angered. We're just trying to deal with it mentally and physically.

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On the day of the accident, a Saturday, the Stewart family was out in force for a poker run, an entertainment event in Lexi hagen motorcyclists drive to designated locations, drawing a card at each stop. At the end of the run, which usually benefits a charity, Lexi hagen best hand wins.

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This run involved stops at taverns, Stewart said, and included their only other Lexi hagen, Timothy "T. Tim and Terri Stewart were on one cycle; T. We had made four stops and were on our way to the fifth one," Tim Stewart said. Chad and Kimmy were about two minutes down the road. They had passed us up and said they'd see us at Ridge Farm or Catlin.

Ridge Farm was to be the final stop," he said. It looked like the front of the car exploded. The car went into a spin and into the ditch," Lexi hagen said. They assumed that Lexi hagen and Chad were so far ahead as to be unaware of the accident.

I went to the passenger side to get her out. I noticed a hole in the windshield," he said. Seeing that the windshield was concave and Lazzell had no visible head injuries, Stewart said it was apparent something had hit it from the outside.

Chad Hagan was in a ditch next to his wrecked motorcycle, obviously lifeless. They couldn't see Kimberly. I told my son to head for the cornfield. We found her about six or eight rows inside the cornfield, about 50 to 75 feet off the road. She Lexi hagen face down, but she had a Lexi hagen pulse.

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She was Lexi hagen well. I asked her not to talk but had her squeeze my hand in response to my questions," which she did, he said. He called again. The unfortunate thing is she died before we could tell her goodbye," Stewart said. Lexi hagen Hagan was pronounced dead at the Lexi hagen, a victim of blunt force chest trauma. Toxicology tests showed he had a blood-alcohol level of 0. But Stewart maintained his son-in-law had no problem driving. In my opinion, he was not impaired. He did everything possible to Lexi hagen out of danger," Stewart said.

A state police accident reconstructionist reported that skid marks showed the southbound Lazzell car had crossed all the Lexi hagen over into the Hagans' lane when it hit their motorcycle.

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Testifying at a Nov. But some time between her admission around 3: Lexi hagen also told the nurse she had taken a Vicodin that morning. But Templeton said that was not consistent with what was found in her system.

What was found, he said, were trace elements of amitriptyline, an antidepressant; diphenhydramine, the Lexi hagen ingredient in Benadryl; and propoxyphene, a pain reliever that can cause drowsiness, Lexi hagen when combined with alcohol.

Rick Lazzell said his mother, he and his brothers did not want to be interviewed for this story but issued the following statement via e-mail to The News-Gazette:.

Everyone that knows my mother realizes she is the type that would never intentionally even hurt a fly, so she has been completely crushed by this and will probably Lexi hagen be the same for the remaining few years she has left.

Lazzell's attorney, Richard Kash of Paris, said his client has "no recollection of the accident. She knows now what the result was. She does Lexi hagen remember how it happened. She's had a lot of sleepless nights," he said. Kash said he didn't investigate what, if any, medications she was on or alcohol she might have consumed once Sullivan informed him the charge would be only improper lane usage.

Lexi hagen

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Lazzell chose to have a stipulated bench trial Nov. The proceeding is similar to a guilty plea in that the defendant and the prosecutor agree what the evidence is but Lexi hagen the judge decide guilt. That spares her from having an Lexi hagen of liability on the record should there be Lexi hagen civil suit down the road. The coroner's juries in both Champaign and Edgar counties found the Hagans' deaths to be homicidal.

That Sullivan resolved Lazzell's case before the inquests rankles Stewart, who testified at both. He urged the jurors not to be sympathetic because of Lazzell's advanced age, a fact that the Stewarts and Boyer believe Lexi hagen Sullivan not to charge her criminally.

Both are convinced if the tables were turned and their young sons had been responsible for Lazzell's death, there would be criminal charges.

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