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Dating in your 30s as a man

Naked Galleries Dating in your 30s as a man.
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I want to date. I want a relationship.

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When I meet women and they realize this, I'm pretty sure it makes my life more difficult. Sometimes it even means I've blown a chance for a night of no-strings-attached sex.

Dating in your 30s is...

Now I want more. They can smell it on me.

In many ways men in...

Talk about scaring away potential candidates. I'm terrified that someday I'll run into my niece at a bar and she'll realize that cool Uncle Mike isn't so cool. And she will introduce me to her friends with great embarrassment.

How Meeting Women Changes In...

So meeting women these days carries a different incentive than it used to when I was slightly less puffy and had thicker hair. The question, when dating in your 30sis whether you're willing to adapt. Of course, this isn't a problem if you are just looking to get anyone back to your one-bedroom apartment for a night of slap and tickle.

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But we are here to talk about dating. I'm talking to the guys who want to get out of the rut of meaningless sexual conquests and step into a partnership that can lead to something more in their lives. I've been out, meeting lots of women. I have met younger women and women my age.

When it comes to finding...

And I can confirm two things with absolute certainty. First, being honest about what you want from women is never a bad thing, even if that thing is a relationship.

Dating men in their 30s...

In most cases, when I have dropped that into a first meet over a cocktail, women find it endearing. They find it romantic. There is no downside if you play it sincerely.

And mature is sexy. That brings me to the second thing.

There's a lot of talk...

For many guys, your 30s are the prime of your life. You can be confident about what you want, and you have the experience to back it up. Confidence means being proud of what you want, not underhanded.

I once bought a round of shots for a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party. And that is cool.

How to get the perfect girlfriend

Meeting women is harder as you get older. When you first meet, you run the risk of being pigeonholed as either unable to commit or just unworthy of being committed to.

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But in those first moments, you can flip those single something stereotypes on their head by just coming clean. I'm single because I have not met the right girl yet. I want to meet her.

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Maybe she's reading this; maybe she's not. Some guy or girl that you may or may not hit it off with? But a little something called hope keeps us going for more.

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