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Resident evil ada wong cosplay nude

xXx Images Resident evil ada wong cosplay nude.
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I honestly prefer that. The updated designs for Leon and Claire are perfect, imo.

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I have faith that they'll do a great redesign for Ada. Can't wait to see how Ada looks!

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Crisis Dino - Snake is in Smash Moderator. I hope Ada is wearing overalls. They were not even remotely similar.

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Even his RE6 incarnation had him with a different hair colour. Aug 23, Last edited: Ada was attending a furry convention before the outbreak and will be in a giant bipedal cat costume for the entire game. I like how Chris looked in RE7.

His look in other games is cookie-cutter, brown haired white dude. And in the rendering above, he looks like a fashion model.

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The title makes it sound like Ada is naked hah hah. We all know the one and only real Chris face.

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To take a much more extreme example, I imagine if Obsidian remade Planescape Torment, it would have majorly redesigned character designs for just about everyone. Thanks for the remainder that we forever lost the sexy hunk aka Chris Redfield: Lol I dunno why people are complaining about RE7 Chris when the fucker looks totally different every other game. Is this Resident evil ada wong cosplay nude to be a legit AAA game?

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