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Sexy ideas for my wife

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One of the best things about being in an intimate relationship is the level of comfort we share with our partners. What happened to the hot sex you used to have?

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Why do all of your daily talks sound the same…like a scripted routine? Couples everywhere suffer from a sexual slump now and then. It can be a real downer. And if you're like most women, you don't know how to spice up your marriage. The good news is that spice-up strategies can be learned. There are plenty of things you and your guy can do to breathe new passion into your relationship: One of the most common and effective ways to put a little spice back into your sex life is to play the strangers game.

He notices you and tries to pick you up. Alternately, you can Sexy ideas for my wife a naughty girl and pick him up! Why do you text your guy only when you need him to pick up some milk on the way home? Put your cellphone to use by sending naughty messages that turn Sexy ideas for my wife on.

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Just remember to use good grammar. Bad grammar is never attractive. That will put the spice back in your relationship, belive me! Better than that is the evidence that you are thinking of him and wanting him in the middle of your day.

What's important is that you feel completely confident in your body and know you look your best. Sexy ideas for my wife his lunch for him! Seriously, make him a manly sandwich and thermos of coffee and send him off to work!

Little gestures are emotionally stimulating, which is often lacking in relationships that are experiencing a sexual slump. Making a meal together is a proven, highly sensual way to spice up your love life.

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Sexy ideas for my wife So pull out the recipe book and plan some quality time in the kitchen. First, our olfactory senses come into play. The food smells good and we begin to desire it. And once we start experiencing desire, we start wanting other sensual stimulation. I think you know where this is headed. Second, when you are in a Sexy ideas for my wife place the kitchen sharing a project cooking you tend to talk to each other more and you can improve your communication and get to understand him better.

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We already live together. We see each other all the time. This is especially true if you have kids. Find a sitter and make grownup time at least once a month.

Enjoy your time as adults Sexy ideas for my wife relive the memories you made before you settled down. Some of Sexy ideas for my wife best places to have sex include: Guys are sometimes reluctant to add sex toys to the mix of nighttime pleasures. But the potential benefits — to both of you — are huge. So pull out a vibrator or a blindfold or ropes or handcuffs or massage oil and ask him to play with you.

Keep your toys close to the bed.

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For many men, resistance to toys is related to feeling inadequate. All couples get bored sooner or later. When you spend every day of your life with the same person, eventually you run out Sexy ideas for my wife things to talk about.

You feel as if you already know everything there is to know about each other. I recommend that couples take classes together.

One of the best ways to spice Sexy ideas for my wife your relationship is to crank up the sensuality. Hot sex is great in sooooo many ways! Make a comfortable space on the floor in front of the television.

Add blankets, pillows, popcorn, and Sexy ideas for my wife bottle of wine. You can snuggle together, skin-to-skin, through a couple of your favorite movies. But instead of meeting in a bar, you can play this one anywhere — even at home.

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Sexy ideas for my wife example, you could be the naughty cheerleader and he could be the football quarterback. You could be a French maid and he could be the billionaire who hired you. The options are limited only by your imagination. And if your imagination runs dry, you can easily find dozens of sexy scenarios on the Internet. This game is always fun.

Check out our article on role-playing ideas men fantasize about. Getting out of the house changes everything. Do yourself a favor and check into a hotel. You two Sexy ideas for my wife seen everything there is to see about each other, and all too often! We dress up for work, we dress up for company, we even dress up for an evening among strangers at a club.

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Sexy ideas for my wife dressing to impress your lover, and see how much more notice he takes. Make a tradition of dressing nicely for dinner once or twice a week. It makes the undressing so much more fun. One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to make a habit of bestowing little gestures of love on each other.

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Leave a love note in his briefcase. Let him find you in bed wearing nothing but silky stockings when he gets home from work. Slip some silk boxers into his underwear drawer and wait for him to find them there. All of these ideas — and you can think of many more — work the same way.

That will translate into Sexy ideas for my wife sex, wait and see. Why does flirting always stop when a relationship gets serious? If anything, being in an intimate relationship should be like written permission to show public displays of affection! Do yourself a favor and spice up your relationship by flirting with him during the day. Run your hand along his ass as you walk by him, and then wink at him invitingly.

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Do what comes naturally and flirt with him mercilessly wherever you are. Best of all, romance often leads directly to the bedroom. There are lots of ways to be romantic with your mate, and most of them require little or no effort. Have a candlelit dinner.

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Go on a picnic. Turn on some music and dance in the living room. You can even spend the evening pretending the power is out, cuddling up on the couch by candlelight.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and the desire to do it. Try texting the romance back into your marriage. It's crazy how a few simple text messages can turn his romance on, even if he's a total robot now.

One of my fondest memories involved strip poker. I lost quite miserably — and my guy was thrilled! The challenge and the nudity always make for an interesting evening. The point is that somebody has to lose in order for both of Sexy ideas for my wife to win!

Men like to be challenged. They love to be tested and to show off their skills.

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