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Asian gang tattoo

Sexy Photo Asian gang tattoo.

Yakuza tattoos are a source of fascination for many tattoo lovers.

The history of the yakuza begins in the early Asian gang tattoo century in Japan. Many of these men had been to prison where they had been tattooed by authorities to mark them as criminals.

Early yakuza members began to incorporate tattoo art into Asian gang tattoo customs and traditions of the group, adding to existing prison tattoos and creating new tattoos as a symbol of status within the organization.

Many traditions formed within the yakuza groups during the next Asian gang tattoo centuries, including body art and body modification.

One tradition, yubitsume, is the act of cutting Asian gang tattoo the tip of a finger as a way to apologize to the gang for disobedience. Gang members also began to modify their bodies with tattoo designs in a painful process called irezumi hand poked tattoos as a way to identify themselves to other yakuza members and wear symbolic imagery on their skin.

Because of the painful process, an irezumi body suit is a way for a yakuza gang member to prove their courage and determination. The cost of the tattoos is a symbol of success Asian gang tattoo being able to afford and entire body suit of irezumi tattoos means the yakuza member is successful in his business pursuits. Irezumi artists begin their careers as apprentices.

Yakuza gang members wear painful,...

For the first few years the apprentice cleans the work space, prepares tools and watches the Asian gang tattoo artist tattooing clients. The apprentice is then allowed to begin practicing designs by drawing them.

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