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Orgasm during missionary sex

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I am a year-old straight woman. The thing is, I can very occasionally orgasm from that kind of sex, but there never seems to be a rhyme or reason to it. Are there other things, Orgasm during missionary sex or exercises we can try?

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Many women share your concern, one of whom was princess Marie Bonaparte, the great-grandniece of Napoleon. But we must do it if we want children.

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Not satisfied with that, Bonaparte took it upon herself to test her theory. She measured the genitals of women and concluded that women with a shorter span between their clitoris and vagina less than an inch were more likely to orgasm during P-in-V sex.

To subvert anatomy, Bonaparte ended up having TWO surgeries to move her clit closer to her vag. In missionary-style sex, experiment with angles and pressure. The goal is for as much direct contact with the clit as possible, which your husband can achieve by scooching a few inches forward so you can grind on his pelvic bone.

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You might also find that a shallower penetration, with the penis pointing down-ish, allows you to get a good friction going. Once you find something that feels good, make sure to keep a consistent rhythm.

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Again, this position provides tons of direct body contact and clit stimulation. Even better if you have an armless chair to sex on.

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