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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Some really stange stuff Never make a bet you can't win. Well let's back up for a second here. And I intend to finally have a orgasm at some body else's hands while their dressed up to meet my needs. And for the record, I'm not a lesbian, I'm bi. The comment about her baby, mentioning a kink that scared off guys.

It was so obvious that mai wanted to hit herself on the head for not reliseing earlier. Her theory was proven when mai felt her legs and bottom being lifted up and a changing pad was put under her.

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Mai breathed a sign of relief. In fact, in learning this Mai is so shocked that by the time she gets it all together she in a Yugioh sex stories white disposables diaper with chibi harpy lady's on them and a purple baby tee shirt that says baby duellist on it.

Mai goes to take the diaper off but finds her hands are covered with baby mittens. How ever, a second later Mai failed as she began to cry her eyes out not believing that she was acting like a baby now.

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Now baby Yugioh sex stories wouldn't of hurt your self if you had just breast-fed in the first place. Now are you going to be a good baby and feed off mommy or do I have to spank you? Mmmm so far you're the first person to breast feed Yugioh sex stories me Yugioh sex stories I have to say this feels pretty nice. Hey watch it, you just bit me! As tea teased her fingers across her slit she let out a loud moan and she began to slide her fingers in and out of herself as she began to breath heavlyliy as she pictured that it was Yami Yugi playing with her clit before diapering her.

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Yugioh sex stories with just about one else she knew she would love to mommy them but Yami Yugi made her lose her sense of reality. With a loud Yugioh sex stories she pictured herself sucking Yami Yugi off as she came and as she came she used one hand to play with her self while with the other she scooped up her cum and licked it up pretending it was Yami Yugi's.

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Mai smiled for a Yugioh sex stories but then she was hit by a cramp that let her know that she needed to make use of a bathroom. What is it baby?

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And even if you don't I'll change you right away. Mai shuddered as her diapered filled up with her own waste. It actually felt like thick warm mud and it caused the back of her diaper to bulge out wards and actually Mai thought it was going to over flow Yugioh sex stories the back of the diaper when it headed for the Yugioh sex stories causing more shudders from Mai except they were more pleasurable ones this time as she was over come in the pure feelings of the moment and started to wet her diaper as well.

Mai giggled like a baby seemly not affected by her own smell. Signing she got the dirty diaper and the wipes etc.

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Yugioh sex stories She used to clean mai and after sticking it all in a garbage bag she took it out to the dumpster. Once again she did not notice that one pair of eyes still following her.

She imaged trying to explain all this to her parents and shuddered. Her Mother Yugioh sex stories caught her in the pass with some fetish stuff and had thrown a fit.