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I catfished someone and fell in love

XXX pics I catfished someone and fell in love.

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I fell in love with my catfish December 2nd, This story is going to sound pretty messed up, but prior to all this I had a normal life. I'm 37, successful, very attractive, nice family and good friends and a normal dating history.

I lost my fiance in an accident 4 years ago and since then I have dated but have never met anyone that felt right. Back at the start ofI met someone online. He was aged 43 and was really funny and interesting and we had a lot in common. Right off the bat I liked him better than I had liked anyone for a long time and I felt really interested to meet him because he had me laughing and smiling for the first time I could remember.

All seemed normal, we talked for a couple of weeks and set up a date and made all the plans for it. On the day of the date he told me a family member had died. I know - red flags should have been ringing at this point, but he had a very convincing story. There was a fake Facebook I catfished someone and fell in love Linkedin account, there was even an obituary in the local paper with all the names and dates matching.

I even sent flowers to the cemetery because I was so saddened by his story! So, we put the I catfished someone and fell in love "on hold", but I guess as I had also been bereaved in a similarly shocking and painful way, it was natural that we continued to talk, and we continued to talk for 8 months.

Over that time we got very, very close. We spoke nearly every day, often for hours on the phone and it wasn't necessarily always romantic but we did stuff like read books together and talked about life and our kids and I think we fell in love. I realise this story makes me sound unbelievably stupid, because no guy goes 8 months without meeting you, but by the time 3 - 4 months had passed after his "bereavement" and I started to feel frustrated by not meeting; I was already deeply emotionally invested in the guy and I wanted him to be real so badly that I think I just ignored the obvious.

I felt such a deep trust and connection with him that it was just beyond my comprehension that he was a catfish. Not to mention that he had so much evidence and things to support everything he said, that I genuinely did not feel suspicious at any point. If I asked for a selfie, he sent one. If I asked about something he was doing, he sent a picture.

There was never any time or day that he would not respond to my messages or call me.

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It just all felt very normal! Quite a few times over the 8 months he tried to walk away I think he felt guilty but I stopped him. I honestly believed he was real and did not want to lose him from my life because I catfished someone and fell in love meant so much to me, and so he would always come back after 2 - 3 weeks and we would be talking every day again.

We'd arrange to meet I catfished someone and fell in love times over that 8 months, and always something would happen to prevent it and over time I became frustrated.

In all that time he never actually asked me for anything. He never wanted naked pictures or phone sex or anything like that. We laughed all the time, it was just so easy bouncing off each other and I catfished someone and fell in love thought for sure I had met the man I was going to marry and grow old with and I date a lot of people and NEVER feel that way.

I think he kept trying to tell me lots of times that something was wrong, but I mis construed what he was saying as grief talking. Statements like "I really am not a good person like you are, you need to find someone better" were perceived by me as a really sad guy who was grieving a loss and instead of it raising alarm bells it just brought us closer.

Yeah you need to leave...

We stopped talking for a couple of months and I really missed him and was really sad every day. Then by complete accident I stumbled across a lie in our previous correspondence, and when I set about investigating I found out he had faked everything.

The person he told me he was did not exist.

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To say I was devastated is an understatement. I was completely traumatised and could not understand how he could have been so close to me, and so intimate and for all that time he was lying to me about who he was. I spent weeks crying, and when he eventually contacted me to "see if I was ok", I asked him about it, expecting never to hear from him again or for him to deny it, but I was surprised when he sent me a very long letter confessing all I catfished someone and fell in love it.

He told me he had never been happy in his life really. He said it was intended as just conversation for a week or two and that he never thought for a minute that he would meet someone like me and end up feeling the way he did.

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He said he'd fallen in love with me, and that by the time he realised how we both felt that it was too late to fix it or I catfished someone and fell in love his mistake, and that he had wanted to tell me a thousand times but could not find the words.

He told me it was the worst decision of his life, but that he was a normal person with a normal life and that never meant any harm to me. He said that he had tried to walk away several times out of guilt, but that I kept asking him to come back and he said it was really hard for him to let me go because he I catfished someone and fell in love wanted to be that person he was pretending to be and to have that life with me and he was in a constant state of turmoil.

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He said worst off, he felt so deeply attached to me that the idea of walking away and leaving me alone and hurt and confused was also hard. He said that he loved me and only wanted me to be happy, and that as humiliating as it was for him to confess everything to me that he I catfished someone and fell in love rather live with his humiliation than my sadness and that he would always be there for me, anytime I needed anyone to talk to and that he was a better person for knowing me and that he wanted me to stop being sad and go and find my happiness.

He said in his heart he would always belong to me, and that no one like me had ever been in his life before and never would be again, and that although he knew it could never be a reality that he would take comfort every day if he knew I was happy and he needed me to wipe away my tears and go and live a full life without thinking of him anymore.

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At that stage he volunteered his real identity to me. His real name and real job and sporadic details of his real life. I investigated after that and found photos of what he really looks like, and also discovered he is married, which was awful news.

It would be easier if I hated him, but I don't. And it;s obvious that in this mess we grew to love each other and that is such a hard thing to get my head around. So I am struggling now with knowing how to live with this. I love this person, regardless of what he did and I miss him so much. I am dating someone new. Someone great on paper, but he doesn't understand my thoughts the way my catfish did, and he doesn't make me laugh until tears pour out of I catfished someone and fell in love face and deep down I know I have never really loved anyone the way I loved this guy.

Even my fiance, which is a hard thing to admit and come to terms with. I know that a relationship with the catfish is impossible. He is married as a start. Also someone with obvious issues on some deep level. And despite all of that, and knowing he is nothing like the handsome, successful and well travelled guy he portrayed himself as, I still miss him every day and cry every single night over this loss.

Is it wrong or twisted for me to try and parlay some way into us being friends or me keeping him in my life? I don;'t know what to do or what is right. I just want to know if anyone out there had any feedback that might help me. I don't want to always feel this way. Last edited by nicolab ; December 2nd, December 3rd, I catfished someone and fell in love loved the online image of him - which was partially in your imagination and partially not i am going through something completely different, but I am also letting go of someone who is partially in my imagination and partially not.

I know this is hard but because you never met in person, it may be a bit easier for you I catfished someone and fell in love do - just block this person as someone who was a cheater and start working on letting him go it's gonna hurt in the beginning.

That kind of relationship can't go anywhere and you really need to move on from this in your best interest sounds like you also need to stop dating this "someone new" because that person isn't the person for you either.

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