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Why is meiosis important for sexual reproduction

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During sexual reproduction, meiosis generates genetic variation in offspring because the process randomly shuffles genes Why is meiosis important for sexual reproduction chromosomes and then randomly separates half of those chromosomes into each gamete.

The two gametes then randomly fuse to form a new organism. Genetic variation stands as one of the key factors in evolutionary fitness and biological diversity.

Reproductive cells undergoing meiosis make this possible, as the process has these specialized sex cells split and multiple after copulation. Creating new organisms requires the process of meiosis, the process by which a fertilized egg cell splits into multiple cells.

Chromosomes Crossing Over

Genetic variation in sexual reproduction only occurs because meiosis randomly shuffles the genes of the two organisms mating. Genetic variation in a population of organisms means that different organisms have different strengths and weaknesses. This acts as important facet of a species' ability to survive and increase its population because if new predators show up or food Why is meiosis important for sexual reproduction become scarce, many organisms will die.

However, because of genetic variation some will survive because they can do things such as run faster or eat different foods.

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