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Iphone 4s wont hook up to internet

xXx Galleries Iphone 4s wont hook up to internet.

Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience.

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First please forget my English, I'm French. My problem is that my iPhone 4s doesn't find any wifi. I've tried to reset the network and wifi.

I opened it and saw if the antenna was connected it was. I bought a new wifi and Bluetooth antenna and changed the old one, but it still doesn't work. I've no more idea. Please, it would be kind if someone could tell me what can I do to fix my problem. I've never taken my iPhone in for repairs nor have I opened it before my actual wifi failure. Check out your device name.

I have tried everything to...

Make sure it does not have anything with an apostrophe. This version of the OS is know to have issue's with that. You could also try a complete restore, not from backup and see what happens.

Did you check the logic board to make sure there are no missing components: Hi oldturkey03, thanks for answering me. I checked my device name it hasn't got any apostrophe and also tried a complete restore but it didn't worked so far. For the logic board i don't know that much to see if there are missing components But honestly I don't think so because my iphone add never been opened before this wifi problem. Also, my three computers are fine and countless other items.

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I tried all above and I'm actually pretty tech-savvy. But what gives all of a sudden? I've seen the same problem. It seems that sometimes iPhone has a poor detective functions for WiFi. I don't know why. Hi mine has there same problem doesn't want to switch on wifi switch at all maybe someone can come up with a solution please.

It did for me. Use a hair dryer and run some heat in the headphone jack area and it will start working again. I tried the freezer trick but it did not help my iPhone 4S either.

From what I am seeing, this is a big problem with many phones and Apple has not addressed this issue at all. Slt allez chercher un technicien dit lui de rechauffer la piece ki gere le wif votre iphone a une panne.

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Iphone 4s wont hook up to internet Hidden network will not appear in the list of available networks and for connecting the hidden wifi network, you should know the exact name of such network.

For connecting your Apple iphone to a hidden wifi networkfollow the below mentioned steps: If you still face any difficulty in connecting iphone to the wifi networkyou must call Apple Customer Service on the phone mentioned here http: And still nothing, I don't think there could be a hardware problem because it was working just an hour ago.

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