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How to hide my apps

xXx Pics How to hide my apps.

Preloaded apps or nosy people, there are several reasons as to why one would want to hide an app on their phone. Earlier, rooting an Android or jailbreaking an iPhone were the only How to hide my apps, but today there are solutions that one can resort to and hide apps in a jiffy.

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So, stop uninstalling and reinstalling apps and read to find out how you can hide apps on Android or iPhone. Android phones are infamous for having a large number of preloaded apps.

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Generally, people do not like having so many apps on their devices. It's one thing to uninstall an app, however, there are ones that are a part of the user interface or UI.

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Very few people actually know that you can hide apps without the help of third-party software. Go to device Settings How to hide my apps locate the Apps tab. This is where all the current apps on your phone will show up. From the available list, choose the app that you want to hide on your phone.

Select it and, on the following screen, select the D isable option. The system will ask you a number of questions, agree with How to hide my apps to proceed. While this method is quite seamless, it is only good for a preloaded app or bloatware. Also, any app that you disable using this method will be restored to the factory version and you might have to update it before you can start using it again.

Apex Launcher is a popular third-party app that offers a number of customization options for your phone. You can use it to change the user interface on your device, but here we are using one of its features to hide apps in plain sight. The first thing to do here is to install Apex Launcher on your device.

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Upon completion, start the app and head over to the Settings tab. From the following screen, select the apps that you want to hide. In order to do so, select the checkbox right next to the app. While the apps are hidden, they stay in a dormant state.

You will not get any notification or update for those apps. In order to use those hidden apps again, you will have to unhide them following the same steps mentioned How to hide my apps. Privacy Hider is another free utility that you can use to hide any app on your phone.

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