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For our second annual roundup of the most influential people on the Internet, TIME sized up contenders by looking at their global Athlete hookup reality meme images with no captions on social media and their overall ability to drive news.

Contact us at editors time. The artist and entrepreneur has perfected the art of the Twitter spreesharing candid thoughts that are often just as provocative—if not more so—than his music.

His tweets can be controversial see: Or hijacking a tour bus with Jason Derulo. This is a testament to how well the year-old British comedian understands how to be a late-night host inpushing celebrities beyond their comfort zone to create the kinds of funny, feel-good clips that thrive in the age of YouTube.

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The casual setup is more intimate than a studio set, which encourages to guests let loose—and people to watch and share. So far, more than 85 million have watched his outing with Adele, in which the soulful singer wound up rapping along to a Nicki Minaj verse.

In an effort to provide a more approachable version of sex education, the YouTube star offers sisterly advice on everything from hookup culture to body positivity to BDSM.

In sum, her videos have amassed million views, turning the year-old, who was raised Mormon, into a millennial Dr.


The beauty of the Internet age—or danger, depending on who you ask—is that anyone can start a global phenomenon. Just five months after joining Snapchat, the music producer real name: But his influence has extended well beyond Snapchat: Earlier this year, the year-old also recorded an inspirational message for Jeb Bush on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Although there are no official leaders of the BlackLivesMatter movement, Elzie and McKesson have both helped meaningfully shape it through the Internet.

After gaining national attention for live-tweeting the events in Ferguson, Mo. Together, they command an audience of more thanpeople on Twitter, and McKesson is running for mayor of his native Baltimore.

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More than any other author, J. Rowling has cast a spell over the Internet, using Twitter and her website Pottermore to expand the Harry Potter universe.

Rowling has also made headlines for fighting with a member of Scottish Parliamentcomparing Donald Trump to Voldemort and offering support to fans with depression. Advertisement Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a. Donald Trump is redefining how political candidates use social media, for better and for worse.

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But her profile is rising: When she came out as a woman last year, the former Olympic athlete instantly became the most famous transgender person in the world—and on social media. Ironically, the Instagram star only became even more famous after she announced she was quitting the Internet. And unlike some of his contemporaries, he often uses social media to break news and conduct diplomacy.

That tweet made headlines for the wrong reasons, though: The year-old former biology major is the brains behind I F-cking Love Science, a Facebook page and now a fully staffed blog that has built an audience of 24 million, eclipsing more established outlets like Popular Science 3.

At times, Andrew has been accused of oversimplifying complex issues and promoting stories like the mini—Ice Age item that wind up getting debunked. There are trolls haunting every comments section on the Internet, but none are as beloved—or perhaps, as prolific—as Kenneth McCarthy.


She may not have as many subscribers as PewDiePie, but the Indo-Canadian vlogger is Athlete hookup reality meme images with no captions becoming one of the biggest stars on YouTubeboth on and off-screen.

As alter ego Superwoman, she is equal parts funny and motivational, which has helped her amass more than 8 million subscribers and over 1. If we are indeed witnessing the biggest political media circus in history, then Drudge is its virtual ringmaster. More than 15 years after its launch, his news-aggregation site, The Drudge Reportremains a traffic behemoth, logging some 8.

As more and more of our own daily interactions happen online, so, too, does celebrity drama. And Nwandu, Athlete hookup reality meme images with no captions, has made it her business Athlete hookup reality meme images with no captions capture it.

Two years ago, she started The Shade Rooman Instagram account and blog that aims to be like Page Six for celebrities on social media: Since then, TSR has become a burgeoning media empire, replete with its own tipsters, staff there are now four full-time employeesand advertisers—all of whom serve an audience of 3.

On Vine, the social network for six-second videos, year-old Bachelor commands 1 5 million followersmore than any other user. Casting directors have taken note: The year-old Aussie trainer has parlayed her line of digital workout and nutrition guides a.

Itsines often shares the most dramatic results with her 4.

For proof that a single tweet can change the world, look no further than Sept. Kim Kardashian West is one of the most-watched people on the planet, with more than million followers across TwitterFacebookInstagram and Snapchat.

Most recently, she made headlines for posting, and then ardently defendinga series of nude selfies. But his fame reached a tipping point in August. Shortly after news broke that Ostrovsky had signed with talent agency CAA, several prominent comedians—including Patton Oswalt and Chelsea Peretti— mocked him for building a career off of stolen material, kicking off a debate about the ethics of aggregating online content.

Eventually, Ostrovsky apologized and vowed to credit all his posts in the future. More than perhaps any other artist, Drake understands the power of a meme.