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Wonder woman fucks batman

Adult sex Galleries Wonder woman fucks batman.

Well for one last story anyway. I retired a few months ago, but i had some time to do a proper last story. This is my swan song so enjoy. So Bruce and Diana have been dating for a few months now. At Wonder woman fucks batman they put on suits and beat up bad guys.

And in the day he treats her like his princess. Sometimes they take the night off to have some fun, like this night.

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Bruce and Dian walk into this fancy night club. Now here she was thinking they were going to dance and then get a little messed up. But the second he walks in he heads for the bar and starts flirting with some skanky bitches.

She could not fucking believe it. Here he is with Wonder Woman, the girl he calls the most beautiful girl in the world. She was an Amazon princess. Yet he still acts Wonder woman fucks batman a single bachelor who sticks his dick in whatever hole opens Wonder woman fucks batman for him.

Diana took a couple of shots and got buzzed. She started to do the same thing Bruce was doing trying to make him jealous and pay attention to her. She didn't know why Bruce decided to be an asshole but he's just flirting away and fucking around with those hoes while Diana's finding the hottest guys in the club and getting them all turned on.

In fact she even started making out with these guys in an attempt to get Bruce to react. Before she know it, she got a big cock stuck in Wonder woman fucks batman mouth. This hot guy was sitting down with his cock out, and her lips were wrapped around it. She didn't even know how it happened. She just remember's having fun and blowing this guy.

She looked out of the Wonder woman fucks batman of her eye to see Bruce watching her suck this cock. Now she was expecting Bruce to beat this guy up, wrap his arms around her, drag her home, and fuck her silly as punishment. But to her surprise, Bruce wasn't mad, in fact quite the contrary.

He pulled down his pants and started jerking his cock. Everyone in the club was watching as she sucked this guys cock. A couple minutes later this guy busted all over her chest. Bruce then comes in, shoves this guy out of the way and starts fucking Diana in front of everyone. She was siting on the edge of the couch while he crouched down a little.

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