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Maps street view naked

Nude 18+ Maps street view naked.

Google Maps Street View cameras spotted the woman while mapping Brazil.

While her modesty was hidden by a green towel, her lack of clothing is a mystery. She held the towel in front of herself so she did not flash the Maps street view naked but it remains unknown why she had no clothes. She may have been visiting a beach which is within the area, although many would choose to wear swimwear.

The woman may have been returning from that particular beach but Maps street view naked her modesty upon spotting the camera.

However, nudity outside of designated areas is illegal so the woman was most likely at one of the 11 nudist beaches in the country.

One man was caught wearing just a pair of leg warmers and some skimpy underwear while reading the newspaper in public. Sunbathers are often caught in awkward situations on Google Maps.

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Another woman sunbathing was spared her blushes despite being naked on the beach. Google Maps Street View: A woman was spotted in a compromising position on the streets of Brazil Image: The young woman was with a friend and their child as she crossed the street.

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