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When plans for a big-screen adaptation of Tomb Raider were announced back in the late 90s, everyone who was anyone found themselves linked with the role of Lara Croft.

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Some were unhappy at the casting of an American in the role of a British character. They need not have worried though. Sherry Lansing and the Angelina jolie naked in tomb raider of a Hollywood Groundbreaker. Jolie certainly impressed in the role, helping Lara Croft: Tomb Raider set records for the highest opening for a video game adaptation and for a film featuring a female protagonist.

The film went through a variety of rewrites during pre-production that resulted in significant delays.

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By the time filming wrapped, the final draft was attributed to six different writers. It could have been worse though-- early in pre-production writer Brent V.

Friedman, the co-writer of the notoriously awful Mortal Kombat: Annihilationsubmitted a script for the film as did Steven E.

Both movies were rejected, though de Souza did end up co-writing the script for the sequel, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Unfortunately, director Simon West already had his heart set on Jolie. InHewitt told MTV News she thought playing Lara Croft would "be really fun" and admitted she was eager to star in an action movie of her own.

Unfortunately for Love-Hewitt, producers did not take the hint, opting to wait Angelina jolie naked in tomb raider seven years before casting the relative unknown Alicia Vikander in the role as part of a franchise reboot. They then ensured some of the filming took place in the UK, to take advantage of tax relief laws there.

They did this for the sequel too. Jolie was put through her paces prior to filming. But I learned all these different skills," she told NYRock.

There was also bungee ballet, diving, and weapons training and kick boxing, and everything from yoga to soccer and rowing.

And I learned how to sword fight. Despite her bests efforts, Jolie struggled with the scene where Croft enjoys a spot of bungee-ballet. Jolie managed to damage ligaments in her ankle after landing awkwardly on top of a chandelier.

It was her first attempt too, and her injury ended up delaying the end of filming. Despite damaging ligaments in her ankle and incurring any number of scars and rope burns in the role, Jolie appeared nonplussed at the physical exertion of playing Croft.

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The story goes that during the scene where Lara drives her Land Angelina jolie naked in tomb raider through some intense jungle terrain, the scene had to be repeatedly re-shot. The reason for the delay? Snakes and other wildlife kept falling into the car through the open top roof, making Jolie jittery in the process. Tomb Raider fans were super-pumped when the first trailer for the first movie came out — but it ended up being a little bit misleading.

The exchange sees Lara quip to Powell "You might try to kill me.

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Which makes the fact that the conversation was cut from the finished film that bit more bizarre. Jolie has never made any secret of her penchant for body art.

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Unfortunately, back in the 90s and prior to the actress emerging as an A-list star, her love of tattoos was cited as an example of the kind of "wild" behaviour that made her unsuitable for the role in the eyes of some fans. By the time the sequel came along, the production team had come up with a solution — they had Jolie wear more clothes as Lara Croft. Fans Angelina jolie naked in tomb raider not all that happy with the change, of course.

At first, production planned to recreate a version of the Great Wall for a sequence filmed in Scotland but those plans also fell by the wayside with the Great Wall sequence scrapped altogether. In doing so, they created a moment of history, becoming the first US film crew to visit the region in 30 years.

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