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Lick it candy lyrics

Pics Gallery Lick it candy lyrics.
Lyrics to song "Lick It"...

Get a taste, get a lick. Go head -get yourself a lil bit.

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If you're looking for the goodies I got the best. And you know I keep a fat pack, nice and fresh.

Lyrics to Lick It by...

You can eat all you want but don't make no mess. Riskay keep something to snack on.

But any nigga trying to find something to snack on: Damn right hoe it's better than yours. More juicy, more wetter than yers.

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If your man eat he go get served. Chocolate peach with the white syrup.

Candy Licker Lyrics: I'm not...

Looking so sweet in the black fur. Nigga lick 'til your tongue get tired.

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Yeah Right here in between my hips. Yeah Ya'll know I'm a nasty bitch so lick-lick-lick this candy clit. My kit-kat need a hershey kiss.

Delicious lick it candy lyrics xxx pics

Riskay off the chain and ya can't control it. Where the pussy niggas wanna shine it goes with.

And I'll put it in your face and roll it. So nigga lick it up like it's candy coated. Lick it candy lyrics got a treat for ya: And if you do it good I can make it skeet for ya.