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Girls peeing the bed stories

Pics Gallery Girls peeing the bed stories.

Weiss pulls open the door to the dorm bathroom very slowly as she peeks her face through the crack, looking around. The room was dark, and it appeared that the other girls were asleep.

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Not surprising, considering cleaning up herself and the puddle she had left in the bathroom took the greater part of two hours.

Stepping out of the bathroom, she shuts the door behind her to block the light from the room. She was clad only in a towel, and was making her way over to the dresser where the girl's kept their clothes.

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As the white haired girl was passing her and Ruby's set of bunk beds, she heard a small whimper come from Ruby's bed. Curious, she stepped forward and up onto her Girls peeing the bed stories toe's looking at Ruby, who was sleeping.

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