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Anyhow - the upshot is the Naked shorts blog mrs has to hobble around very carefully Naked shorts blog needs loads of help from me. This includes cooking, clearing up, shopping, and all the other things I am used to not doing. She's still in pain but we are off to the fracture clinic tomorrow so we hope no surgery will be needed.

So food is down to me, if the m and s share price goes up that's the ready meals I have been buying.

November 1st 2018

Hygiene has definitely gone out the window in the kitchen area. Bits Naked shorts blog mucky mess everywhere. The cats are in total disarray with me in charge and I know we have a teenager somewhere, just not sure where.

Illegal Naked Short Selling Appears...

In fact everything is in disarray. Half term trips all had to be cancelled too. And it looks like this is going to be at least six weeks. I'm pleased to announce the winners of the Naked shorts blog trader summer radio show competition. In first place it is Mike Dickinson.

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He really deserves it - he tells me he spend 9 hours working on the answers and he pretty much got every one even the very hard ones I expected no-one to get. In second place and only just pipped is Paul Easton who was only one answer behind Mike.

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Naked shorts blog now all have your prize money, spend it wisely! And congrats to ALL of you who took part. It was a deliberately hard music competition. All I can say to the top three is that you really knew your music.

I deliberately talked over the background music as I know there are music apps out there and I am glad I defeated those, otherwise where is the skill in winning. And thanks Naked shorts blog all of you with your positive feedback on the podcast.

Would you like Naked shorts blog take part in it? You can email me with anything you like actually, perhaps taking your cue from the style of the summer NT Show. But here are some Naked shorts blog to what I am after! Do you hate it and if so why? What makes you say bah humbug? What things annoy you around Xmas and new year? Do you hate xmas, new year parties? Say why and any funny experiences you have had. Are you Naked shorts blog Xmas anywhere unusual? Re finance what is the most annoying thing about being a part-time or full time investor?

Did you screw up this year and how? Your favourite and least favourite share of the year.

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Or anything else you like. Just send it in! If I use it, my thanks Naked shorts blog advance. Send your stuff to me at robbiethetrader aol. Please keep contributions reasonably tight and short! Naked shorts blog to Alex from rawbean who came to the last seminar we had to buy some of his coffee bags! They really are lovely and you can take them with you, just need some hot water. Trouble is I am definitely drinking more coffee. Still, Naked shorts blog reports say it's good for you!

I've got new seminar dates now. For beginners and improvers it is Dec 3rd - a very large early bird discount on offer!

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