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It depicts the daily lives of Draper's sons, who lead a fictional world-renowned rock band in New York City. As a mockumentarythe storyline is an embellishment of their real lives, and the fictional presence of a camera is often acknowledged.

The show stars Nat Wolff and Alex Wolffthe lead singer-songwriter, and drummer, respectively. Nat's fictional Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics admirer and real life friends—including the guitarist who had no prior acquaintance with the family—feature as the other band members, with the siblings' father and Draper's husband as their accordion-playing dad and Draper's niece as the group's babysitter.

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The series is a spin-off of Draper's film of the same name that was picked up by the network, premiering in February Draper, star of Thirtysomething and her screenwriting debut The Tic Code[1] is the executive producer of the series, and often writer and director. Albie Hechtformer Nickelodeon chief and creator of the Spike TV network, is the executive producer, under his Worldwide Biggies tag. Draper's jazz musician husband Michael Wolffknown for leading the band on The Arsenio Hall Showserves as the music supervisor and co-executive producer, with Draper's brother, Timas the consulting producer.

The show first aired two episodes in the United States on February 3, to an audience of roughly 3. Viacom announced, it "delivered Nickelodeon's highest-rated premiere in seven years" and instantly became one of the most favorable for children aged 6— Three seasons aired and it concluded abruptly on June 13, due to the network placing high demands on the family that would disrupt the siblings' Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics.

Regardless of the episodes the boys' mother Polly Draperthe series creator and showrunnerdid not Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics, she still directed many of the scenes and supervised the director throughout most of its shooting.

The Naked Brothers Band Polar...

Rosalina wants to wrestle Nat, though he prefers not to wrestle a girl. On the other hand, Alex attempts to run away to the skate park and quits the Naked Brothers Band, because Jesse is still dating The Timmerman Brothers.

Realizing he cannot get there on his own, he asks Jesse to drive him to the skate park. She feels it is a good idea Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics that he "works too hard".

The stars of the show,...

When Alex is at the skate park, he meets a girl named Juanita and eventually develops feelings for her. When Alex returns to the band with Juanita, Nat wrestles Rosalina, and subsequently, she beats him.

The rest of the bandmates are impressed. Rosalina's professional Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics suddenly appears and teaches the band how to wrestle. The Naked Brothers Band and another band, the L.

Surfers, find themselves competing in a "Battle of the Bands" charity event benefiting Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides free instruments and lessons to children from low-income public schools. Rosalina starts to fall for the L. Surfers' lead singer, Bobby Love.

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It annoys Nat that Rosalina hangs out with the opponent's lead singer. It turns out that Bobby is just dating Rosalina to get to Nat and is lying about everything, i.

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Regardless of the episodes the boys' mother, the creator and showrunner Polly Draper did not direct, she still directed many of the scenes and supervised the director throughout most of its shooting. After returning from her worldly travels, Rosalina gets a visit from Michel Jake Hertzogthe French piano prodigy that Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics kissed on her cruise.

Michel tries to persuade Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics to kiss her "goodbye" and when Nat sees this, he and Michel get into a brawl and Nat proudly almost Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics his finger. When Rosalina gets back, she yells at Nat for hurting Michel. She then breaks up with Nat and quits the band. This leads to the band members starting auditions for the "Naked Idol" television event, which is to find a new bass player, with videos of auditions over the computer and successfully narrow it down to three people.

A girl named Kristina becomes the new bass player and Rosalina cries while watching this on TV in her room. Nat and Alex kick off their tour with a press junket showing music videos and telling the stories behind some Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics their favorite songs from season one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved August 25, Retrieved December 10, Archived from the original on June 16, Retrieved February 27, Archived from the original on December 28, Retrieved December 27, Our richest tween celebs - Five faves make the Forbes Celebrity list".

Retrieved January 31, The Naked Brothers Band. The Naked Brothers Band: Nat and Alex Wolff discography Black Sheep. Retrieved from " https: Lists of children's television series episodes Naked Brothers Band episodes Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes Lists of American comedy television series episodes.

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Eventually is a song written...

This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The film follows the boys' difficulties with their fame and an argument that has the band temporarily breaking up.

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But they later reunite as The Naked Brothers Band in the end. Levine, Michael Wolff Music Underscore: Michael Wolff Music Written and Performed by: This means that Nat and the rest of the band have to get ready and practice while Rosalina is having her braces removed.

Jesse reads Nat and Alex their horoscopes; Nat's had said if he failed, Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics would bring everyone down with him.

I Don't Want To Go...

Alex's said that he would have to be cautious of falling objects and stay away from motorized vehicles. This worries Alex and now the band fears that they will not win the VMA's. Levine, Michael Wolff Music Supervised by: Nat Wolff Special Guest Appearance by: Snoop DoggMatt Pinfield.

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The band is filming a music video for their song "Sometimes I'll Be There", and Nat must pretend to cry as the music video director is desperate to win an award. When she discovers that he is unable to do so, he asks Alex to. When Nat finds out that Alex had been using acting tears from the director, an angry Nat chases Alex around the set.

Alex then accidentally drops a bowl of concrete grapes Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics the floor. When Nat steps on them, it causes his eyes to tear and the director becomes excited because she says they are "real tears". Nat wants to prove to everyone, especially Rosalina, that he is more humorous than Alex so he decides to perform stand-up comedy.

The Naked Brothers Band Awards...

Subsequently, his performances becomes disastrous. Later on, the director has the rest Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics the band shaking their butts for a music video featuring Nat's new song, "Catch Up With The End".

In addition, Alex runs around in a chicken costume. An unhappy Nat explains to the director that the lyric is a "metaphor" for "discombobulated" and is not supposed to be humorous. However, the director misunderstands him. Nat also wants to attempt stand-up comedy and no one finds him amusing; everyone always laughs at Alex's jokes though.

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Lopez announces them to the stage by saying, " I think everyone is crazy about this band I mean I can't Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics these guys.

They are truly amazing Give around of applause for The Naked Brothers Band. The director's wife then chases him while shouting, "You make this sad chicken song funny!

The band decides to take a break and spend the day at the beach. David and Thomas are jealous that Nat attracts all the girls, so they pretend to drown and be attacked by sharks. On the other hand, Mr. Wolff and Qaasim pass out flyers for the band's Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics concert. Meanwhile, Alex and Jesse try to break a world record for sand counting. Nat recalls when Rosalina kissed him on the cheek during a concert in Chicago; however, she says she does not remember.

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Alex gets a new clothing line and is satisfied until he sees everyone wearing it, including Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics boy who pretends to be him. On the other hand, Nat writes a song about a blond haired girl with shiny blue eyes. A suspicious Rosalina questions whether or not him has a girlfriend.

It is later revealed that Nat only wrote those lyrics so the rest of the band would no longer ridicule the fact that he has a crush on Rosalina. During the recording of Taxi Cab, Nat thinks that he is going through puberty because his voice is changing.

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He doesn't like it, but Alex desperately wants puberty. The night before, Nat and Alex had a sleepover with the band--while excluding Rosalina. The house is a mess that morning, so Cooper hires a cleaning specialist named Betty. However, it turns out that Naked brothers band polar bears lyrics not a maid, yet advises the kids on ways to be "clean".

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