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Browsing the Misc Since Originally Posted by WSG1. JustiNtense is the greatest mod to ever grace bodybuilding.

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It changes who you are. It has made me undeniably stronger in mind and body, but at what cost? Originally Posted by SammyJr.

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Originally Posted by YoungLifter You're so phucking phucked OP. You have no idea how phucked you are.

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I'm gonna neg you on sight everytime I see you. If you get tired of getting negged and make a new account, i'll find out what it is and neg you on sight on your new account as well.

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Naked pics of angie varona you get tired of my negs and join a different forum, i'll make an account and build up my rep power there and neg you on sight. You have no idea how phucking phucked you are.

Originally Posted by kourosh How bad do you want these results, judoka?

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Overcome the pain and temptations. You only have one time to live and one time to be young. Push yourself, you're not going to die.

Originally Posted by SleekToFreak. Originally Posted by Zamakaze. Have a crappy weekend.

Hope your house burns down. How is Op not red?

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