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In that she now has an inner life.

Thank goodness for that. Dvorak — Symphony No. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. He says encouragingly that they can do it, invigorating his orchestra with renewed enthusiasm. Min-hee steps aside to call her father, hesitantly asking if he can spare some time to drop by today.

He gruffly says no, to her disappointment. Nae-il also slips away, an idea striking her at the last minute.

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Ah, is there going to be an audience vote? Apparently the three go way back, and Mina gets caught in the middle as her friend takes jabs at Streseman for making her son his errand boy.

Home of the Cuties.

Yoo-jin tells the orchestra to leave him out of it, but Nae-il makes a special plea, since she decorated his especially. He turns her down flat. Aw, is it Mini Dad? When Yoo-jin joins them, he notices that the orchestra has sheet music, and Il-lac sheepishly admits that he felt they needed it after all, which cracks me up.

After that big to-do?

I suppose the important thing is that they gave their trust to Yoo-jin. Clearly she, like Teacher Do, is a big proponent of the conventional. Aw, I love it! The audience is rapt, the doubters look surprised, and Nae-il marvels at how Yoo-jin has managed to captivate everyone.

The A Orchestra conductor watches as well, looking uneasy. As the music builds to a crest, Il-lac shoots Yoo-jin a sly wink. Sure it looks ridiculous, but the audience enjoys it. With a flourish, Yoo-jin brings the symphony to a close. Hearts that enjoy music. These guys have the biggest weapon in the world.

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Each and every one of them is Seol Nae-il. What in the world has changed them? Orabang is so big and far away. I love this duo. Min-hee finds her father outside, thrilled that he made it after all.

8 08 - Joo Won...

Mini Dad had been as proud as the rest of them, but now Joo won and shim eun kyung hookup stone face is back in place as he complains about her music being a money suck, still wanting her to quit. That tiny gesture is enough to revive her Joo won and shim eun kyung hookup, and she calls after Dad to eat well and take care of himself.

Mini Dad just waves her off brusquely. Gah, he is such a Korean dad and it kills me. In a good way, sort of. Now for the A Orchestra. They sound beautiful, but right away Seung-oh starts to get inside his own head, second-guessing his choices.

By the time the New World is over, everyone knows it was a mess.

And talk about pity applause. Feeling unexpectedly melancholy, Nae-il retreats to a practice studio.

The kindly Teacher Ahn finds her and clues Joo won and shim eun kyung hookup to her mood, guessing at the reason. He suggests that if she wants to play with Yoo-jin, she has to study more seriously, to match her talent. Nae-il brings out the handpuppets for solace, and play-acts Yoo-jin Rabbit comforting Nae-il Rabbit.

The real Yoo-jin snatches the dolls before they can kiss Nae-il: Armed with antiseptic, he treats her fingertip and blows on it when it stings.

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For a moment Nae-il looks at him feeling bashful, but then she adds that her lips are injured and asks for him to Joo won and shim eun kyung hookup those, too. The faculty gathers for a vote, and acknowledges that S Orchestra had the better performance. Teacher Do admits this but points out that the A Orchestra is the more skilled one, and Streseman backs him up: The two orchestras are tied with three votes each the audience vote counts as oneand that means one faculty member has abstained: So he becomes the tiebreaker.

The orchestras wait anxiously for their faculty advisers to announce the results. They wonder what happens with Streseman gone, and whether both orchestras will get to remain intact, and even suggest that they prefer to have Yoo-jin conducting.

Yoo-jin gets a call from the Joo won and shim eun kyung hookup, Do-kyung, who was at the performance and was impressed at his achievement. Things get drunker at the orchestra party, where the members bicker and mock-fight cutely about whose instrument is the best.