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I have read quite a bit Big masturbation men information on your site but was looking for a more specific answer to this question. I've always heard that masturbation is not unhealthy. Your body pretty much tells you when you've had enough anyway. However, I have been wondering about some specifics, after seeing websites such as: I have had tinnitus for 2 years, and eye floaters for about 6 months. I've seen doctors several times for both conditions and have pretty much decided there isn't much that can be done.

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These articles however, state that my symptoms are caused from sex and masturbation. Is there any truth to the statements regarding brain and hormone functions? If it affects your response much, I have probably masturbated since I was 13 I am now I would say I masturbate about once a day, sometimes Big masturbation men, sometimes have sex and so forth.

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Generally when masturbating, I use the "stop and go" method, and have always done so for sometimes many hours in a day. Is there any chance that these conditions have been caused by masturbating? And if so, could the effects be reversed? If frequent or even excessive, if there is such a thing "burping the nephew" caused hearing and vision problems, I Big masturbation men assure you I would have been both deaf and blind by age 15 as would most healthy adolescent males.

I'm not an expert on brain and related hormone function; however, I can assure you that your tinnitus and floaters are Big masturbation men related to jacking off.

Chances are you guessed this already when the sites where you located this information tried to "sell expensive crazy products. Perhaps old wives didn't appreciate their hubbies whacking off so much? At any rate, you Big masturbation men continue your relationship with Mrs.

Palm and her five daughters as often as you desire or are physically able without worry, OK?

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