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Masturbating with a pillow

Porn Pics & Movies Masturbating with a pillow.

Rock the house I look at some pictures of guys with their dicks hard and I stick a finger in my pussy while I'm still wearing my undies. Then when I get really excited and wet, I take off my Masturbating with a pillow and put a pillow on the corner of the mattress. Then I start humping really fast and I move my pussy in a circular motion and back and forth. Neighborly I like to take a pillow and push the sides as hard as I can on my pussy. It takes a second, but after the second time I cum so hard it's crazy!

I have this really hot guy that lives next to me and sometimes Masturbating with a pillow like to open the window and do that for him and when I'm done he's playing with his cock.

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It's awesome, you have to try it! Water balloon I like to fill a balloon with water but not make it too big. Then I Masturbating with a pillow it into my panties and get a pillow and start riding on it.

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You get a really great orgasm this way. Pillow talk I get a pillow with Masturbating with a pillow large ridge on the sides at least oneand textured is a plus. Then I stick it between my legs, ridge in your slit, and rub yourself to an amazing lingering orgasm. Rock 'n' roll I lie down on the bed or floor and put a rock under a pillow then hump away!! Pillow tower This is simple, but it feels so good. Stack about 3 pillows on your bed, then cover them with a towel don't want them wet Get naked, at least on bottom, and straddle the mound.

Then when I get really...

Move back and forth, riding it. It feels so good with your cunt spread wide open and all the softness in it.

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Move around, bounce do whatever gets you hot. Sometimes, you can hear wet slosh sounds and hearing this is so arousing.

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You'll cum in no time. When the boyfriend's away… My boyfriend drives a truck and he's gone Monday through Friday and needless to say I get lonely.

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I stack about 3 or 4 pillows on top of each other and I take a small G-spot vibrator Masturbating with a pillow place it on top of the pillows. I insert it and turn it on then I just gently rock back and forth fondling my breasts and nipples.

The closer I get to orgasm the faster I go. I is an extreme sensation.

Carpeteria I like to take off my shirt and my bra. Then I get a soft pillow and bunch it in the middle so there's a bulge. I lie on top of the bulge and hump it like crazy. My tits rub against the carpet which also gives an awesome sensation.

I get orgasms every time. Pillow Talk I like to masturbate with a pillow. I Masturbating with a pillow the pillow in half, then put my vagina on top of the pillow. I start pretending to have sex with my husband.