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Disco pantyhose catfight

Porn Galleries Disco pantyhose catfight.

This is Part 1 and Part 2 of a classic office pantyhose catfight recently found that has been missing and thought destroyed for over ten years complete with never seen footage, all at high resolution that for fans of this genre is priceless.

The title of this video is a statemen lays claim that this video is essentially the "Gone With the Wind" or "Citizen Kane" of office pantyhose catfights.

And, yes, that is essentially what I'm saying, even though I'm biased since I was the director, producer, and even one of the camera men at least for part of this epic office pantyhose catfight and even though this was shot originally as a video of what was only supposed to be a photo set with some behind the scenes footage. That's right - this wasn't even supposed to be a video st all.

Office Pantyhose Catfight Photo Set. Included in this special discounted offer are both amazing parts of the Disco pantyhose catfight video shot Disco pantyhose catfight a two superb Hollywood videographers and myself.

Collant upskirt disco pantyhose -...

The footage gives great coverage from different angles including both full and close-up coverage of this Disco pantyhose catfight office confrontation between two of the hottest, sexiest, cattiest perfectly matched rival secretaries ever to pull on sexy pantyhose over their gorgeous toned legs as well as their nylon clad asses and thighs.

How close does this camera get: Not too mention that you will be able to see crystal clear close-up their hate lust for one anoth and confirm unequivocally that Cory Lane is not wearing any panties as you are given an amazing upskirt view of her trimmed bush through her sheer brown pantyhose crotch, so crystal clear that you'll know with certainty whether she is Disco pantyhose catfight natural blonde or not.

Although I was probably not as proficient as my videographer counterparts, I zoom in and out from close to full shot Disco pantyhose catfight on the action.

Title first time with a tranny

Disco pantyhose catfight can't recall whether or not I simply realized how good this office catfight was midstream and grabbed a camera and began shooting then or if I actually videotaped the whole catball secretary catfight and just haven't been able to locate it yetNonetheless, the included extra footage adds even more to this already off the charts office pantyhose catfight.

Here Cory is dressed in seductive Disco pantyhose catfight clothes including sheer brown pantyhose with a slightly reinforced crotch, and black open-toed high heels. Office Catfighter 2 is Danish supermodel, Melany, who was also an aspiring actress who already had already achieved great success in her native country working as a mainstream model and dancer thus her gorgeous, shapely legs.

Disco pantyhose catfight