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Did chris t and paige hook up

xXx Pics Did chris t and paige hook up.

Last week's episode of Are You the One? This meant that Chris T.

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Immediately after the "Perfect Match" banner appeared in the truth booththe explosive house fights began. And we were finally treated to the "to be continued It started, of course, with Shanley and Simone.

The two have had tiffs since the beginning. Shanley and Chris T.

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She concocted the plan to put Chris T. And thankfully it played out.

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Not long after Shanley had to be physically carried away from the argument, Kayla began throwing some major shade at Jessica. For what, you ask? For crying because of the impossibly awkward household situation and for being comforted by Ryan.

After matching up with Paige...

So Kayla's immediate reaction was to knock over cups and throw lamps. And Paige herself, the same girl who has just come out with her perfect match, has found herself another suitor. Especially when Paige's real match has his own boo-thang on the side? And especially because Chris S.

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Emphasis on the evil. He's no stranger to manipulating a situation, telling a girl what she wants to hearand getting his way.

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This week was no different. He said with "a girl like Paige, you have to get in her head by saying, 'You're so pretty, you're the only girl in this house I want.

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