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Every Loud Sibling except for Luan walked through the door covered in whip cream and feathers. They had just experienced one of Luan's most cleverest pranks which caused people to point and laugh.

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As you could possibly tell, they were steamed. Lola rolled her eyes. Why don't she get a real job that will actually do something for everybody?

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If Luan could do that then imagine what else she could solve if she puts her mind to it! With all of those stupid props and gags. There's no what that she'll give up pranking! Suddenly, all the siblings perked up as an idea popped into their heads. Their expressions turned into sinister smiles.

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Luan Loud returned home from a long day You tube loris feet in pantyhose cleaning up after her latest prank on her siblings. She knows that coming home might be a mistake because her siblings might be upset but their reactions will be worth it! She came inside expecting to be surrounded and yelled at only to find a living room devoid of life.