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The president focuses on positives as Republicans lose control of the House but make Senate gains. Americans were voting on more than their representatives in Congress in the mid-terms.

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The UN and charities say fierce fighting around the city of Hudaydah is endangering medical facilities. The students were among 81 people kidnapped on Sunday in the restive Anglophone region.

The funeral is being held for Kateryna Handzyuk, who spoke out against corruption in Ukraine. The environment secretary wants details of the "backstop" border plan to be shared with ministers.

Lindsey Cole spotted the stricken animal as she was completing a mile swim of the River Thames.

Director Kirill Serebrennikov goes on trial in a case supporters say is designed to silence artists. The former head of Peru's national police is among those arrested for alleged baby trafficking. A landmark deal brings Greece a Bbw vs bbc mid day quicky closer to separating the state from the Orthodox Church. Managers at the Chinese firm have been given jail time for punishing staff with extreme measures.

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The Harry Potter author claims the ex-employee Bbw vs bbc mid day quicky her money to fund shopping sprees for luxury goods. The White Stripes star is "disappointed" that two female fans were banned from kissing at his show.

Passengers kicked up a stink over 2,kg of durian placed in the Indonesian plane's cargo hold.

Collins reveals that its top word reflects concern about plastic bags and packaging. The latest global news, sport, weather and documentaries.