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Bdsm drawings by damian

Porn archive Bdsm drawings by damian.

Please, I did everything you wanted! The cum of a dozen Romans was flowing out her red, stretched out pussy and her hair was crusty from the dried semen Bdsm drawings by damian a hundred Romans. She was to be the totem of the Raptio festival, and her freshly violated body would hang in the center of the arena until every man in the city had drained his balls into or onto one of the dozens of available slave girls.

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Hours earlier these unfortunate women had been the taken by an entire Roman Century, men still covered in blood from slaughtering their husbands in battle.

And the rough hemp cloth they used only made their bruised, swollen labia even more raw and sensitive. Now they were out here, a warning to the other tribes of Germania. Well at least until the next patrol came by, who undoubtedly take them down to empty their own balls into the broken women…. A few feet away a gorgeous blonde woman was struggling to walk as she was forced to hold the heavy wooden pole across her slender shoulders and two centurions whipped at her bare ass.

The Roman expertly struck her right across her puffy red nipples, driving them back into her Bdsm drawings by damian like hammered nails and watching them rebound, swelling with welts. Never giving her time to recover, striking her while she was still screaming from Bdsm drawings by damian earlier blow. Soon her tits and pussy were completely covered in welts.

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The cunt-juice made his head spin, he said, and gave him a hard-on like the stone phallus that pointed the way to the whorehouse in the street. Maxima had become the star turn at his dinner parties, where a special platform had been constructed Bdsm drawings by damian her.

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The platform was a kind of bed on very tall legs. Maxima was tied to it in different ways and guests sat underneath her. The height of the bed could be adjusted, and there were wide gaps in the wooden struts so that the guests could see her. Maxima was tied in different ways and Bdsm drawings by damian at different heights above the guests.

If she lay on her front, her heavy breasts hung enticingly through two holes and swung over the table as if they had a life of their own. Sometimes the guests covered them in meat juice and sucked them before they flogged them.

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Winners at dice games were allowed to masturbate her in any way they wished. They normally did this with fingers of fruit or tongues. The drunken and horny guests were fascinated by her shouts and by the way she squirted over them Bdsm drawings by damian she had an orgasm. They called her Flavia now. She had been caught when her village on Bdsm drawings by damian south coast of Gaul was attacked by Arab pirates one night.

She was later sold to a Roman slave trader. She knew nothing about her future life as a slave because enslaved women never came back to tell their story… Flavia had been with her Marius, her Master, for a week now. During that week she had spent a lot of time working naked in the house all day, often in the kitchen.

Marius was a bachelor and he wanted a slave who could cook. He rarely beat her when she was working in the house, but every time she sucked his cock he slapped her with a horrible stick rod made of dry twisted leather. It cut into her and stung badly. And three fingers are not going to help much either! Many male slaves were physically strong, and their army was well-organized. They fought Rome for over a year, but were finally defeated.

Some of the women, especially the pretty ones, were displayed on scaffolding to which they were tied, not nailed. They were stripped naked so that they could be flogged and abused more easily. As the macabre line of crosses approached Bdsm drawings by damian, more and more Roman citizens came to watch the spectacle, and the soldiers soon saw the opportunity to make money out of their naked booty. Aemelia and Juliana stood fascinated, unconsciously licking Bdsm drawings by damian lips at the sight of the three slaves.

Does it hurt if I squeeze your tits? One tenth of the prisoners were selected to be crucified along the mile road that led from Capua to Rome. The soldiers had been allowed to choose female prisoners and tie them to the scaffolds too, for whatever use they wished… Sabinus had selected a Bdsm drawings by damian with lovely firm breasts and a high, prominent vulva that got to him immediately he saw it.

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He ordered her to stand with her legs apart and he inserted the edge of his sword between her cunt lips, carefully separating the lips to reveal her clitoris… He liked the way she trembled when he did it, and he had always liked blonde cunts, so Bdsm drawings by damian chose her.

He soon discovered something else he liked about her. She was very shy. When he asked her why she was slow to show him her Bdsm drawings by damian, she explained that she had never been a slave. She was from a small tribe that had joined Spartacus after one of his victories against the Romans. The tribe had always hated Rome for its taxes and bullying and the way it took away the women… Sabinus discussed this with his companions and they advised him to start training the girl straight away.

He took their advice. He dragged her to the end of the line of crucifixions, which was now nearing Rome, and he tied her to one of the scaffolds for displaying female prisoners. The Governor reclined on his couch and contemplated his new Hibernian slave.

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Her original name was Fedlimid, but no one remembered that. The Governor had renamed her Cula, from the Latin culus or ass.

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She came untrained, as he had ordered. The training sessions were interesting, the Governor always thought. Why would anyone want to miss them and give Bdsm drawings by damian trainer all the fun? Training in the second week included a severe flogging session every lunch-time.

The girl was stripped and tied to a flogging cart, which was wheeled into the atrium or central patio before lunch. The session began with a painful whipping of her back, especially the buttocks. The whole household was expected to gather to watch the flogging, during which the girl screamed Bdsm drawings by damian begged for mercy.

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On this occasion the subject was masturbation. Stick your tits out. She pulled her lips apart and showed him the soft gentle pink of her lips… He licked his own lips unconsciously… Anna hoped he would buy her. She had not asked to be a slave, but she was a slave, and there were probably worse Masters than this one. At least he was young. And he did not look like a brothel owner, which was what Bdsm drawings by damian dreaded most.

Decimus Dresus had inherited his money from his father, a merchant who dealt in garum, Bdsm drawings by damian salty sauce made from the entrails of fish.

Patricians used it to spice up their meals, partly because they considered it an aphrodisiac. Decimus thought this was nonsense. What made the meals aphrodisiac, he thought, was the way they were served by naked-breasted slave girls who later in the meal offered you figs and dates from their naked cunt lips and who were stripped completely naked and flogged and fucked after the meal… But the garum made a lot of money for his father, and the Bdsm drawings by damian gave him all the tits and cunts and asses he could dream of, which was a lot of tits and cunts and asses, so he had nothing against it… Decimus realized that he had an aching hard-on that was bothering him and he took it out and began fondling it….

The Senator got through a lot of slaves.

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He bought them in pairs and when he grew tired of them he sold them in pairs. The Arab slave traders knew the Senator and his rituals well.

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The girls had to have different color hair. Bdsm drawings by damian this occasion, they had brought him a blonde and a redhead. They sent the redhead in naked and she squatted at his feet with her feet and wrists bound. The Senator grabbed her by the hair and waited for the blonde. If he liked her, he would pull the redhead onto his Bdsm drawings by damian cock and let her suck him and pump him with both hands while he questioned the blonde.

The girl obeyed, pulling her lips apart. The Senator grunted his approval.

The Arabs had made sure of that by licking her cunt. The Senator pushed the redhead aside. The son led her to an adjacent room, where with the help of two slaves Bdsm drawings by damian suspended her upside down with her legs stretched apart, leaving her vagina wide open and defenseless. He flogged the girl brutally on her cunt and tits with a leather strap, and then fucked her mouth until he shot off and filled it with spunk. In the early Second Century, the Emperor Hadrian passed laws which made it illegal to kill a slave or sell a slave as a prostitute without first going through the courts.

Many people found this difficult to believe as there was no difference in their minds between slaves and other kinds of property. In practice, the new law brought more work for magistrates, who already had the legal obligation to torture slaves because it was supposed that slaves would not testify against their Masters. They would be afraid of being flogged by them. Under Bdsm drawings by damian, the law argued, slaves would tell the truth. Dura lex, sed lex. A hard law, but the law.