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She is also a certified Older black women trainer with demonstrated success delivering nutritional seminars and exhibiting training techniques at sports conventions and shows. As we all know, food can make or break how you look, feel and behave. So instead of letting food control you, Linda controls food. I would buy a carton of fudge vanilla swirl, for example, planning to limit myself to just a half cup for dessert.

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Inevitably, I felt sick the next day and mad at myself for giving in. But less than 20 years ago, she was middle-aged, flabby and round woman who hated what she saw in the dressing room mirror as she tried on swimsuit after swimsuit.

That all changed when Shepherd decided her health trumped all and hit the gym. She started out slow.

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Shepherd said she began her workout regimen alongside her sister, starting with a simple aerobics class. Even though she thinks big, the key she says is increasing the workout steadily. Shepherd said she had never given much thought to bodybuilding until a trainer at her gym suggested she start lifting weights.

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Shepherd said she eats several small meals a day as part of a diet plan she formulated with her trainers. She Older black women in 1, calories a day, mostly comprised of boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liquid egg white drink. And she is adamant that she does not use performance-enhancing drugs or even supplements beyond vitamin D.

Wendy is a frequent guest on TV and talk radio and has Older black women international recognition via commercials, exercise videos, and magazines. So I let someone else rule my life for 12 years.

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And Older black women took my power from me. She is a domestic violence survivor who was in Older black women shape, bad health and had low self esteem. Considering all her life she was four dress sizes larger than she is today, and gained an additional 50 pounds after having two children back to back, she is grateful to have beaten the odds.

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