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Asian wife sex story

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She was way too freaked out to try oral or sex toys of any kind, although she was happy to use her mouth for him.

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They had already been married for almost a year and yet had only had sex a few times. Alcohol changed everything, though. That was fair enough, she supposed. She looked down at herself Asian wife sex story more time before ringing the doorbell of the huge house they now stood in front of. Amy was small even for an Asian girl, and was very self-conscious about her body.


She had done everything she could to prepare herself Asian wife sex story the party, trying to play to the strengths of her exotic looks. She wore her jet black hair shoulder length with long bangs on the sides and short bangs in the front.

A light blue ribbon decorated the left side. Asian wife sex story had decorated her almond shaped eyes with blue eyeshadow coming to a sharp point to highlight that shape and had opted for red lipstick. Her fingernails and toenails were done in light blue and she had chosen shoes that made sure her careful pedicure was visible. Normally she was more than happy to draw no eyes at all, but tonight she had promised her friend, Deborah that she would look her best.

Deciding everything was in place properly, Amy rang the doorbell. It was 3 stories tall and looked like it had been made for throwing parties, with multiple tables and couches. Asian wife sex story than a dancing area, however, there were several game tables and dartboards.

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It was towards one of the latter that Deborah directed her attention excitedly. Three men stood around a small table a short distance from one of the dartboards. One of them was pouring shots while the other two watched two other men tossing their darts at the board. She estimated that the youngest was in his early thirties and the oldest in his mid-forties.

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She suddenly had a sneaky suspicion about why they were here, these guys were just the type Deborah pined after. Sure enough, Deborah was pointing out the tallest one, a blond, and speaking to her in hushed tones. I need you to be my wingman. Amy rolled her eyes, rapidly losing interest in this party.

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Come on, you found Mr. Sighing guiltily, Amy pulled her wedding ring off of her finger and tucked it into her purse.

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Rolling her eyes Amy put on a cheerful smile and started off towards the table. Her small size made it really easy for her to disarm men and quickly gain a place as a sisterly figure in any group… although Asian wife sex story wondered if that would work quite as well with most of her mid section, her legs, and what cleavage she could muster up all on full display.

Too late to think about that now, though. Amy was downing a forth shot of tequila as Deb and her target threw darts and giggled giddily. She was determined to give her husband the best sex of his life tonight. To that end, she figured she had better arm herself properly, so she flipped her empty shot glass upside down, tapped it Asian wife sex story the table, and beamed a proud smile at Greg, the oldest of the group, with his short beard and his shaved head that was probably covering for a receding hairline.

Dragging him by the arm she started plucking darts from a second dartboard nearby while he finally got the hint and started preparing the scoreboard. After her game, her shot of tequila, and a couple more games she had completely lost track of time.

She was flying high and could feel a wetness in her groin. That was a good sign, her juices were leaking out without even kissing, she was going to give David a wild ride tonight. She turned to let Deborah know she was going and was surprised to see that no one was standing at the dartboard. A quick glance around revealed that she was nowhere in sight.

The other guys were in the middle of laughing at a joke, so she turned to Phil, the largest of the Asian wife sex story whose nasty goatee put her off.

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Those two wandered off quite a while ago, what do you reckon they are up to? She shook her head and blushed, realizing suddenly what Phil was saying… Deborah had probably gone to find an empty bedroom.

That was fine, though, she was horny and it was a great excuse to find her husband and head home.

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That bastard had this in mind from the start, you mark my words. She had never gotten blackout drunk before, and the thought about what she might do to her husband in such a state was making her so wet she was afraid it was going to cause a spot to show on her skirt.

Greg handed her a tall shot glass filled with more of the foul smelling liquor and she downed it without Asian wife sex story. She figured it was probably a double shot, since Trey had stated it had Asian wife sex story extra kick to it.

That would be eight shots, double the amount she usually stopped herself at. Her skin was on fire and she had to pull her skirt up from under her butt to keep from making an obvious wet spot on it.

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Hopefully anyone who saw the small puddle she was making on the chair would think it was a spilt drink. Imagining it made her giggle and then hiccup.

Immediately embarrassed she put her hand to her mouth and knew that her face was blood red. She touched her cheeks and they felt unbelievably warm. She looked up at the guys, but she had moved her head too quickly and the room started spinning a little. Dan laughed and ran his hand through his dark hair as she watched in fascination. His face lit up as if in sudden realization. His daughter is a teenager, you can borrow a swimming suit from her.

The thought of cold water touching her skin was awfully nice, but there was something Asian wife sex story quite right with what he just proposed. She tried to puzzle through it logically but her head was swimming from the alcohol. Well… if there is going to be a family with a teenage girl there, she supposed it would be perfectly safe.

They could pop out the side door here, however, and head over to the pool. She tried to inconspicuously hike her skirt up a little in the hopes that making it a bit shorter would keep her juices off of it. She quickly yanked it down a bit, hoping that no one had caught a flash of her soaking wet crotch.

She was wearing white panties and it would be really obvious.

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Asian wife sex story just hopped right over Asian wife sex story fence to get to the pool directly, with Phil lifting her up by her shoulders and easily putting her over to the other side. Dan disappeared into a sliding glass door on the other side of the pool as she stumbled into Trey trying to stabilize herself.

She felt a hand gently putting pressure on her shoulder and looked back to find Bill guiding her towards the house. Dan was coming out holding something tiny made of yellow fabric. Suddenly remembering her wetness she let herself be guided to a bathroom where she managed to clean herself up a little and don the tiny yellow bikini that she had been given.

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It was also the most revealing thing she had ever worn in her life. With one hand on the wall she managed to make it back out to the pool without falling down. As she stood holding the frame of the door Greg offered his hand and she gladly took it, letting him steady her as she made her way to the pool.

She wasted no time jumping into the water. The coldness of the water felt like magic against her burning Asian wife sex story and she felt relieved that with her whole body wet, no one would now be able to tell that it Asian wife sex story her juices and not the pool water. As she wiped water from her eyes she suddenly realized that she had not yet seen the family that owns this house at all.

That thought disappeared rapidly at what she now saw, however. Dan was sitting on the edge of the pool completely naked with his feat in the water. Trey was nearby also completely in the buff and both Greg and Phil were in the middle of undressing themselves.

In her shock she nearly drowned, as she had been standing on her tippy toes to keep her head above the water. Although it was only a five foot pool and not completely full, she was barely 5 feet tall herself. She stammered as she used her arms to aid her in reaching the side of the pool.

She heard Dan offer her a beer so she started Asian wife sex story the side of the pool to pull herself over towards where he was sitting.

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