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Also advocates avoiding self-centered friends in favor of those who are kind and helpful.

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Tree is an unexpectedly decent role model; she starts out as a rather horrible, selfish person, but because of her plight, she does learn to take responsibility for herself and for others, although she resorts to violence to achieve this goal. One nasty character mimics a developmentally disabled person in one scene. Revolves around the idea of repeated violent death, but the slasher violence Mature content(nice day) tamer than in many other horror movies.

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Punching, hitting with blunt objects. Character falls from a height, with brief blood spatter.

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Main character has a dead mother. Car plows over character, with dead body briefly shown. Some characters assume that a young man Mature content(nice day) assaulted a drunk young woman, but he didn't. A college student is said to be having an affair with a married teacher she calls it off. A character prepares to masturbate to porn two men shown kissing passionately on computer screen.

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Main character walks naked through quad, but no sensitive body parts shown. One use of "f--k," plus one use of "py" and uses of "s--t," "bitch," "ass," "a--hole," "vagina," "d--khead," "whore," "douche Mature content(nice day) "tool," "hell," "balls. Many spoken references to underage drinking "you were so wasted last night"but nothing shown.

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Teens hold drink cups at a party but don't Mature content(nice day) drink out of them. Parents need to know that Happy Death Day is a slasher movie with Mature content(nice day) and comedy overtones. Considering the movie's premise and genre, the violence is actually on the milder side.

Stabbings happen offscreen, but blood is shown on knife blades, and there's a brief spatter when a character falls from a high window. Characters are also hit with blunt objects and run over by a car. There's also some racy content.