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Ussr high velocity penetration

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It was introduced into service in by the Soviet Union for use with the new AK assault rifle. Further group members were: Cartridges like the 5. The Soviet original military issue 7N6 cartridge variant introduced in are loaded with full metal jacket bullets that have a somewhat complex construction. The bullet is cut to length during the manufacturing process to give the correct weight.

The 7N6 uses a boat-tail design to reduce Ussr high velocity penetration and there is a small lead plug crimped in place in the base of the bullet. The lead plug, in combination with the air space at the point of the bullet, has Ussr high velocity penetration effect of moving the bullet's center of gravity to the rear; the hollow air space also makes the bullet's point prone to deformation when the bullet strikes anything solid, inducing yaw.

The brown- lacquered steel case is Berdan primed.

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The primer has a copper cup and is sealed with a heavy red lacquer. The propellant charge is a ball powder with similar burning characteristics to the WC powder used in 5.

The 7N6 cartridge weight is Tests indicate the free recoil energy delivered by the 5.

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According to the official C. This means that 5. Early ballistics tests demonstrated a pronounced tumbling effect with high speed cameras. Ussr high velocity penetration the time, it was believed that yawing and cavitation of projectiles were primarily responsible for tissue damage.

Martin Fackler conducted a study with an AK assault rifle using live pigs and ballistic gelatin ; "The result of our preset test indicate that the AK bullet acts in the manner expected of a full-metal-cased military ammunition—it does not expand or fragment when striking soft tissues".

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This is similar to but more rapid than modern 7. However it should be noted that non-fragmenting or full metal jacket 5.

The ZiS-2 (Russian: was a...

As body armor saw increasing use in militaries, the original 7N6 standard service cartridge bullet construction was changed several times to improve penetration. The 7N6M M— Russian: In contrast to the original 7N6 unhardened steel rod penetrator the 7N6M rod penetrator is made of steel 65 and hardened to 60 HRC.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives classified the 7N6 cartridge as "armor piercing handgun ammunition" on 7 Apriland, as such, it is illegal to import from Russia to the United States. Ussr high velocity penetration

The 7N10 "improved penetration" cartridge was introduced in The 7N10 boat-tail bullet weighs 3. The hollow cavity at the front of these projectiles was reduced significantly compared to previous 7N6 M projectiles. In the 7N10 design was improved by filling the remaining hollow cavity in the projectiles front with lead and reducing the weight Ussr high velocity penetration the penetrator to 1. Ussr high velocity penetration impacting a hard target, soft lead is pressed sideways by the steel penetrator, tearing the jacket.

It has a ballistic coefficient G1 BC of approximately 0. The 7N10 and 7N6 M cartridges have practically identical external ballistic characteristics, meaning they can share identical sighting lines and optics on firearms.

A review is presented for...

The 7N22 armour-piercing bullet, introduced inhas a 1. The 7N24 "super-armor-piercing" cartridge, introduced inhas a stub cone nosed penetrator made of tungsten carbide hard alloy VK8. The 7N24 Ussr high velocity penetration is loaded with a 4. Besides that the tracer cartridges 7T3 and 7T3M were developed.

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The 7T3 production bullet length was After a new lighter 3. These bullets can be identified by their green marked tips. For training purposes the blank cartridges 7H37H3M and 7Kh3 were developed.

Ussr high velocity penetration rounds have a hollow white plastic imitation projectile. When these training rounds are used, the Ussr high velocity penetration of the gun is fitted at the muzzle with a Blank Fire Adapter to produce a gas pressure build-up for cycling the gun, as well as a breakup aid for their plastic projectiles.

For instruction purposes the 7H4 training or dummy cartridge which has longitudinal grooves was developed.

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For special purposes the 7U1 subsonic cartridge with a black and green painted meplat and CAP cartridge for underwater were developed. Sometimes these weapons combine parts originating from Russia or other Eastern European countries and parts produced elsewhere. This was a standard AR rifle chambered for the 5. The US ammunition Ussr high velocity penetration Hornady produces commercial polymer-coated steel case 5.

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Barnaul states that their 5. Wound Profiles of Russian small-arms ammunition compiled by Dr.


Martin Fackler on behalf of the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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