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Microsoft Silverlight has gained lots of recent attention as a platform for live event streaming applications, and soon may have sufficient penetration for other web sites to consider using. Silverlight penetration rate

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This article tells Silverlight penetration rate what you need to know about Silverlight with a number of useful links to more in-depth resources. Before or so, Microsoft ruled the streaming video world.

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Well, that was a joke, a great design tool, but the video was out of synch with the audio and Silverlight penetration rate awful. Then, inMacromedia added support for the Sorenson Spark codec, with VP6 support coming in That gave Flash equivalent or better quality than Windows Media, along with vastly superior configurability and support for the Mac and Linux, where Microsoft lagged.

ByFlash had displaced Windows Media in most high profile broadcast web sites, and was starting to make inroads into the Rich Internet Application market.

To stem the tide, Microsoft released Silverlight, which Silverlight penetration rate player configurability, a Microsoft developed Macintosh client, Linux support from Novell and a rich back end accessible via. Net, C and other compatible languages.

Silverlight penetration rate can read about how Flash and Silverlight compared in Distribute Expertise: Silverlight was caught in the classic chicken and egg problem. That is, until player penetration achieved critical mass, few web sites could use Silverlight, but until Silverlight penetration rate sites started using Silverlight, it would never acquire that critical mass.

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Specifically, Microsoft framed the Flash vs. Silverlight discussion as Smooth Streaming vs.

I took a deeper look at the HTTP vs. Evaluating the Adaptive Streaming Technologies.

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This led to my commentary, Reflections on H. Yes, that faint sound you hear is me patting myself on the back.

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