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Why do some guys last longer than others

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There's a few factors involved. Level of excitement Knowledge of one's body and the limits meaning being able to recognize how far one is from orgasm Knowledge of Why do some guys last longer than others to adjust to what your body tells you meaning if you're going to cum, either slow down, or pull out, or pull out and squeeze, etc etc What we think about definitely is a factor.

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I find that if we focus on our own pleasure, meaning how it feels,smells, looks, tastes to US, then I tend to reach orgasm faster or have to work harder to avoid it. If I focus on pleasing her, or on big hairy gorillas, then my level of excitement is not as high and I can "last".

So in short, what we think about ties into our level of excitement.

Why Can Some Guys 'Last...

As far as how difficult it is to control, that can vary from one guy to another. It really just has to do with experience and sexual knowledge, how well we know our own bodies and understand them. Hope that answered your question.

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I can't feel anything that's going on, so there's no way. But all guys are different.

This is just me, as far as I know. It's not really a bad thing though. Lets me concentrate on her a lot more.

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I have a really low sex drive, so I only want it like once a month anyway. I'll save my "lovin" for an LTR where I don't need to wear a condom.

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Being a supportive girlfriend

How do you prefer your girl down there? Ladies, do IUD implantations hurt?

Without googling it, answer it? How much hair "down there" do you prefer on your Significant Other?

Am I only one who can't pee when need to shit? What Guys Said 2. Well I know that if I'm wearing a condom, I won't cum.

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It just won't happen. What Girls Said 0. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Many grown up men penetrate their partners, climax in less than two minutes, and then This may seem counter-intuitive to some, but believe me, your sexual more likely to give your girl a clitoral orgasm with your mouth than any other way.

Being a good lover has little to do with how long you can last; it has much. Some men are up to times better in bed than others.

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