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Swinging nervous panties first time

Naked Gallery Swinging nervous panties first time.

Please be aware of this before you start reading. By the pool table. The woman at the bar told me he was bi.

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The guy we were talking about was tall and wiry, with thick square glasses and a head shaved to hide early baldness. He was playing pool with two other men, and every time he bent down, put his face close to the table to Swinging nervous panties first time a shot, I watched his mouth open and I wanted to know what it would feel like if he bit me. As the youngest and most nervous couple in the room, we naturally attracted a bit of attention from gregarious and more experienced swingers, who wanted to tell us all about the club.

Wary of swingers club etiquette, I went into politeness overdrive. She led me upstairs and tied my wrists to a Swinging nervous panties first time ring in the wall, casting glances at my boy occasionally to check that he was OK. She pulled up my skirt and tucked it into the waistband of my knickers, and with each slap the crowd in the room got bigger.

I focused on the guy with glasses, watching as my boy tried to catch his eye.

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Later that evening, we wandered into the next room: A couple made very slow, languid lust on the soft floor and the boy and I settled on the sofa to watch. He pulled up my top, put his hand into one of the cups of my bra to pinch my nippleand whispered in my ear.

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Look how many people are here. How many men are here. Do you want to fuck? We moved to the mattresses.

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There was plenty of room for us as well as the other couple, and as I knelt down and took off my top, I tried to catch the eye of the guy with glasses. He was standing in the doorway, interested but not overly keen. I took it as a challenge, and bent over to show him how my knickers were tight against my cunt.

And then things took a turn for the awkward. Someone came Swinging nervous panties first time behind me and started to touch Swinging nervous panties first time. I assumed it was the one I wanted.

The boy and I were...

As I felt his hands running firmly over my arse, my thighs, my slick knickers, I thought it was him. I sped up, sucking the boy harder, expecting him to hand a condom to our new guest and let him fuck me while I filled my mouth with dick. He pulled my head away from his crotch, and turned me around — he wanted me to see who the new person was, wanted me to have the chance to appraise him and decide whether I wanted him to join in.

Our new stranger, kneeling in front of me with Swinging nervous panties first time semi-hard dick in his hand, made me nervous. I wanted the one who was watching nonchalantly and idly stroking his crotch. I wanted him to leave. The bar stranger moved forward, putting one of his hands firmly against my crotch, and sucking greedily at my tits.

My boy was kneeling behind me, rubbing my arse, pulling my hair out of the way, biting gently at my neck. I could feel him pushing his erection against me, Swinging nervous panties first time I understood that he wanted me to do this.

He wanted me to fuck the bar stranger. Not the hot, musky sex-sweat that I want to lick from boys but a rancid, three-day-old sweat that Swinging nervous panties first time my throat close up. In the absence of any sign from me that I was uncomfortable, Swinging nervous panties first time boy kept going. He gently pushed me down until my face was buried in the mattresses, stripped me of my knickers and started toying with my cunt. The bar stranger looked on, eagerly stroking his cock as the boy pushed his fingers into me, spreading wetness over and around me.

Then they swapped places. The stranger grabbed my arse, squeezed me, put his fingers inside me, as the boy knelt by my head.

My cunt was slick and warm at the thought of the guy with glasses, at the smell and feel of my boy. You can put it down to cowardice, or stupidity, but looking back on it I mainly remember an overwhelming urge to be polite. Am I actually going to do this?

Am I actually going to fuck a stranger I despise out of a misguided sense of politeness? I gripped my boy tightly by the wrist and pulled him down so that his face was close to mine.

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I passed him the baton of social awkwardness and made it his responsibility. He was there with me, he was there not just to fuck but to protect me. So I called him in. And, like the opposite of a knight storming in on a white horse to the rescue, he panicked too.

His sense of politeness was as acute as mine, and he was just as reluctant to put himself in the role of mood-killer. He coughed, and ummed and watched as the stranger put on a condom. Eventually he lifted my head up, and I looked around and saw the crowd — still and silent in anticipation of what was coming. What conclusion do we draw from this episode? People often assume that swinging is a constant tangle of flesh, with people sliding over, under and into each other at random — that entering Swinging nervous panties first time club means you implicitly consent to fuck anyone and everyone in it.

If it were, people would all be far too scared to go. There are rules and boundaries and discussions.