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Dealing with a melancholic temperament

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I am a Perfect Melancholy.

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My husband is a Popular Sanguine. What happens when these two opposing personalities come to live together? Well, it could be like a cat and a dog in the same cage.

Fortunately, there Dealing with a melancholic temperament ways for Popular Sanguines and Perfect Melancholies to happily live together in spite of their differences. How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself".

My Personality Profile - Weaknesses

Divided into two categories - Strengths and Weaknesses - the Personality Profile will give you a quick glance at our temperaments. My dominant temperament is Perfect Melancholy while my husband's is Popular Sanguine. These personalities are complete opposites of each other. Oh, you have no idea how much trouble this was during the early stages of our relationship. Princeton loves going out and socializing with a lot of friends, and I prefer staying home and having a deep and meaningful conversation with just him.

The thing with Popular Sanguines is that their bubbly personalities and natural charisma draw people to them, and thus they make a lot of friends and get invited to a lot and I mean a lot of parties and social Dealing with a melancholic temperament. So where does this leave me, the Perfect Melancholy? I have three choices: To illustrate, I like knowing ahead of time what I'm going to do, where I'm going to go, and why. It gives me a sense of direction and purpose. So I often ask my husband, "What are we going to do this weekend?

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So I initiate the plan making myself. Then when the weekend comes, Princeton suddenly announces, "I have to go to the office and work today", totally messing up our plans! Dealing with a melancholic temperament is just one example of how a Popular Sanguine tends to do things spontaneously.

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A plan to them is never set in stone — it can still change at the last moment. The excuse is always along the lines of "something came up".

My choices of action: It may seem strange to some, but I've found the second option to be far less stressful. I do make suggestions as to how he can be more organized and systematic, but I have decided to not have a cardiac arrest when he doesn't follow my suggestions. True to Perfect Melancholy form, I tend to take life seriously. I introspect a lot and enjoy analyzing the deeper matters of life.

According to him, thinking either gives him a headache or makes him sleepy. Although there are times when I wish he would take things more seriously, this difference isn't really much of an issue.

In fact, I like that Princeton makes me laugh with his crazy antics and lightens up my intensity. I, on the other hand, challenge him to think about the important things in life. In short, this is one aspect where we complement each other. Can you imagine what it would be like if we both took life too seriously? Or if both of us didn't Dealing with a melancholic temperament life seriously enough?

Either way, the outcome wouldn't Dealing with a melancholic temperament too good. No two people have exactly the same personality traits; each person has his own blend of Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy, and Peaceful Phlegmatic. Likewise, each personality is Dealing with a melancholic temperament with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and no personality is superior to the other. So my last bit of advice is: Dealing with a melancholic temperament us respect each other's differences.

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