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Hello, I've been having this question in my head for a while now and I was hoping to Amateuer made by amateur if any of you could answer this question or tell me what you think about the subject. When can one say "I'm no longer an amateur"? Can one be a pro without doing photography for a living? The reason why ask these questions is because I always hear people talk about amateur photographers as people who aren't really there at the professional level.

But what is the professional level? Is it the equipment that makes you a pro or is it the skill? I have been taking pictures with an Amateuer made by amateur for about a year now. And in this year I've been reading about photography, about technique, I've been watching tutorials, online lessons, and I know that just like me there are people who do this same type of researching.

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It doesn't make me feel above the rest that I do this. But just like me I know that there are a lot of people who already know the basics, who also have an understanding of composition, ISO, aperture, shutter, who use their camera on Manual Mode, who know how to use their Amateuer made by amateur properly.

I don't do this for a living at this time, but if I do in the future, then just like any other job I will do my best. But I'm not ready to leave my job for photography.

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