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White baby nigerian parents

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You know you're the best when people you don't know hate you. That boy is looks mixed race, that man better ask his wife questions!!!


Login To Post Reply. After all her miscarriages, she deserves this The Nigerian couple Ethelbert and Nkemakonam Ofor, both black and who live in Middlesborough said they had their child, fair-haired, green-eyed Emmanuel in February Dad Ethelbert, 43, said yesterday: He admits that some White baby nigerian parents people have urged him to get a DNA paternity test.

I know he is my son. This might be the case where there is a lot of genetic mixing, as in Afro-Caribbean populations. But in Nigeria there is little mixing. Collins in his most recent book, The Language of Life.

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DNA and the Revolution In Personalized Medicine gave an account of an American man who looked black and suffered all the usual indignities suffered by a black man in his community turned out after genomic analysis to have no black ancestry. To his own chagrin, his own genome analysis done some 3 White baby nigerian parents later showed that genetically he was a black man.

The family in question

Some food for thought there! The landmark human genome analysis will in addition to advancing the frontiers of Medicine will unearth many inconvenient truths about race.

The wonder of birth

Welcome to the 21st century. Please email reporter[at]naijapals[dot]com or visit our contact page Post Reply.

But like i said b4 they should ask both parties involve intimate quetions about the pregnacy Before the woman gets pregnat and during the period of the pregnacy before the child was born If it were to be the man carrying the baby in his womb, White baby nigerian parents woman will always be making noise about where he gets the baby from Abeg i nor want here anything like dis again.

But dis one is more like albino to white boy.

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