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How to keep your cool while dating

18+ Galleries How to keep your cool while dating.

It is also helpful to develop a realistic attitude about what you can expect from any given person you might date. Any given date is like a seed.

Roll with the crazy process...

A seed has potential to grow into a mature plant, but until that growth takes place, it is still a seed which may or may not germinate. A date is a fledgling relationship which may or may not grow into something reliable and trustworthy.

Some people go into every date wanting it to quickly become a fully fledged, mature intimate relationship and end up getting their hopes dashed when most dates don't turn How to keep your cool while dating anything special. The trick is to appreciate each date for what it is a nice night out with someone who might become a friend and partner or might not and not what it could or should be.

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Experience suggests that the the average person you'll date will probably be perfectly nice, but will just not be right for you for one reason or another. Some dates will be painful and you'll want to leave early.

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