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Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Anal cancer Brown discharge fom anus rare, but Brown discharge fom anus number of new cases is rising. According to the American Cancer Society, inthere are likely to be about 8, new casesof which 5, will affect women and 2, will affect men.

Around 1, people are expected to die from anal cancer, including women and men. Various risk factors are linked to anal cancer, but infection with two types of the human papilloma virus HPV appear to underlie 79 percent of cases. Anal cancer is rare before the age of 35 years.

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The average age of diagnosis is in the early 60s. Men have a 1-in chance of getting anal cancer, and the risk is slightly higher in women.

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The anus is the area at the very end of the gastrointestinal tract. The anal canal connects the rectum to the Brown discharge fom anus of the body. It is surrounded by a muscle known as the sphincter.

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The sphincter controls bowel movements by contracting and relaxing. The anus is the part where the anal canal opens to the outside. The anal canal is lined with squamous cells. These flat cells look like fish scales under the microscope. Most anal cancers develop from these squamous cells. Such cancers are known as squamous cell carcinomas.

The point at which the anal canal meets the rectum is called the transitional zone. The transitional zone has squamous cells and glandular cells. These produce mucus which helps the stool, or feces, Brown discharge fom anus through the anus smoothly. Most anal cancers are squamous cell carcinomas, but adenocarcinoma can also develop from the glandular cells in the anus.

Multiple risk factors have been studied that are linked to anal cancer.

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They include any or a combination of the following:. Treatment for anal cancer will depend on various factors, including how big the tumor is, whether or not it has spread, where it is, and the Brown discharge fom anus health of the patient. Surgery, chemotherapyand radiation therapy are the main options. The surgeon removes a small tumor and some surrounding tissue. This can only be done if the anal sphincter is not affected. After this procedure, the person will still be able to pass a bowel movement.

The anus, rectum and a section of the bowel are surgically removed, and a colostomy will be established. In a colostomy, the end of the bowel is brought out to the surface of the abdomen. A bag is placed over the stoma, or the opening.

The bag Brown discharge fom anus the Brown discharge fom anus outside the body. A person with a colostomy can lead a normal life, play sports, and be sexually active. Radiation therapy may be combined with chemotherapy to destroy anal cancer cells.

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Treatments may be given together or one after the other. This approach increases the chance of retaining an intact anal sphincter. Survival and remission rates are good. Chemotherapy uses cytotoxic drugs that prevent the cancer cells from dividing.