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No to marriage proposal

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The fairytale suggests that "yes, oh, yes! But sometimes, marriage is not a good choice. There are many good reasons for rejecting a proposal: When it comes to a life decision, never say "yes" when you should say "no"; an honest response allows you both to make the best decision about the future. Featured Articles Marriage No to marriage proposal. Be clear on why you do not want to get married. It is perfectly OK to have a "gut feeling" that the marriage would not be successful and simply go on that.

However, it is even better to be No to marriage proposal to yourself what your concerns are.

If you're simply nervous about making No to marriage proposal a big commitment which is not uncommon try reading the advice in How to overcome the fear of marriage. If you're concerned that you and your mate are not compatible in some way, it's important to address your worries as soon as possible, long before your partner gets down on their knee.

Think about these aspects of the relationship in advance so you're prepared to have a serious conversation: Does the relationship feel serious and permanent to you, or more lighthearted or temporary?

If the other person takes it much more seriously than No to marriage proposal do, it could be difficult to find a path together. Is this a time in life where marriage would derail the path that you've set in mind for yourself? Could you see yourself marrying your partner at a later date?

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Do you have strong opinions about marriage in general? Would you rather live together unmarried, or live separately even in a committed, loving relationship?

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Do you have concerns about your partner's approach to No to marriage proposal children, running a household, financial habits, career goals, or other "big picture" items that would make marriage or cohabitation difficult? Do you have other concerns about your partner or your relationship that are relevant whether or not your get married? These should be discussed as soon as possible, even if marriage is off the table. Do not play along with the hints. In an ideal world, the topic of marriage would come up without mind games.

However, since this is an emotional issue many people will test the waters before they propose. This may come in jokes, veiled comments, or other subtle "hints".

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If your significant other raises the issue of marriage, even casually, make your position clear but polite. Or call him or her out to clarify.

For example, if your partner comments while house-hunting: No to marriage proposal you trying to tell me something? I'd rather you be direct with me instead of making confusing comments. Head him or her off before the proposal. Asking a person to have his or her hand in marriage comes with a lot of emotional weight. This may happen in public, such as a restaurant, an athletic stadium, your family's Christmas dinner, or some cleverly elaborate choreographed manner. And to have to turn a person down after all No to marriage proposal dramatic build up can be humiliating for the person proposing.

If the hints start coming thick and strong, or you discover a ring hidden somewhere, try have a discussion before the proposal happens.

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Remember that the purpose of this discussion is information. You should each find out what the other person thinks, not try to persuade them into changing their mind. Or you may have to part ways. Deflect pressure from other people.

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Sometimes it can feel like parents, friends, or even complete strangers are eager to whip out a marriage license and hand you a bouquet of flowers. In the end, your decision is not their business, and you do not owe No to marriage proposal anything more than basic politeness when deflecting these questions or suggestions: A polite "We don't have any plans right now" is a good first step, or "I'll let you know whenever something changes".

Humor can help relieve tension among family members and close friends who are No to marriage proposal pressuring you: If you and your partner have both gotten through the conversation perhaps with help from a counseloryou've bought yourself some time.

This is often exactly what you need, but use this time wisely. If it's just No to marriage proposal question of reevaluating after finishing your education, you may be content just to see what happens.

If you have doubts about the relationship itself, think carefully about whether to stay togethercontinue to discuss issues with your partner, and seek advice from a relationship counselor if necessary, or from non-judgmental friends who are in healthy relationships and who won't spread gossip.

Some events you can do your best to avoid, such as pregnancy, while others you cannot control, such as a terminal illness in the family. Seeking advice and support is especially important in these situations, when you feel pressured to make a decision under stress. Do not make decisions because of another family member. Yes, Grandma would love to see you get married before she dies.

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But she does not have to live with the consequences of marrying the wrong person, at the wrong time, for No to marriage proposal wrong reasons. And imagine how bad she would feel, knowing the reason for your likely divorce, was because she pressured you into the marriage.

But getting married for the sake of the baby often ends poorly, too. Don't mislead with your body language. Try not to smile when proposed to, or at least not to beam and look excited. If your mate has gone as far as to pop the No to marriage proposal, they are assuming you will say yes, and your smiling will only confirm their hopefulness, which will make the shock of your rejection greater.

Look in your partner's eyes tenderly, put your hand over theirs, and give your response in a gentle voice. Handle a public proposal. If you are in public when proposed to, ask your suitor to stand up if necessaryand give them a gentle hug. This is a way to acknowledge that you're touched by your partner's gesture, without saying yes. Hopefully, it is enough to make anyone who's watching lose interest and go back to doing whatever they were doing, which will help ease any embarrassment for your mate.

If people are still watching, take your partner by the hand and quietly ask to go somewhere more private. Never say yes just to get out of the situation so you can give your real response later. This will just make the later rejection more painful. No to marriage proposal positive but honest. This guide assumes you like the person proposing; if your ex from three years ago leaps out of the bushes holding a ring, "say no and get out of there" is all the advice you need.

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But if the suitor has reason to be hopeful, No to marriage proposal best to break the news gently, without being misleading. Say something appreciative, but keep it short so you can get to your response: I need time to think about it; it's not something I'd feel right saying No to marriage proposal to straight away. It's a bit of a surprise for me - would you mind if I take some time to think it over?

Maybe this is a good time for us to sit down and talk about what spending a life together would look like.