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Nude 18+ Landing strip crotch.

I rolled my eyes, and then I did a little dance. A few months ago, science said we should all stop shaving our genitals too because we might be at greater risk of STDs. But the women who want a more streamlined look are still waxing crotches and assholes, and paying for it.

And waxing is some totally painful, wicked experience that I could never get used to, just Landing strip crotch wearing terribly uncomfortable clothes and shoes. But I've had this pussy hair conversation with many women. I never even bothered with a fucking landing strip.

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I also love to tell people that the loads of men who have been down there have not questioned my hair, ever. At least not out loud.

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Even if that preference stems from some unfair societal beauty Landing strip crotch For that matter, I definitely told my friend to divorce her husband. I wanted her to be as mad as I would be. And also, uhhhhwhat she does with her pubic strategy is not up to me. She does it because it makes her feel good.

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Sometimes we get drunk and I challenge her on this, asking does it actually make her feel good? Or does she just feel good because society tells her this is good? She waxes once every six weeks. I'm susceptible to severe Landing strip crotch burn and wax burn. You know what works?

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