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What to wear on a first date men

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Swipe left on all of them. An ankle sans-sock is likely to conjure up one of two distinct images of what lies beneath: If in a pair of trainers, tube socks are your friend.

If you're going out on...

Another tip for gents of a shorter staturewear socks that are the same colour as your trousers. This will give the illusion of a longer leg and will improve your overall silhouette. To avoid making your date feel underdressed, or making yourself appear a bit of a stiff, show some savvy and make a few sartorial switches deskside.

I spent 5 months having...

A smart T-shirt or a lightweight crew neck knit, to replace a shirt and tie, and a sharp pair of trainers can be game changers. As every good dinner party host knows, politics and religion are two subjects that should never be discussed at the table.

The same applies for dates. There are few things as off-putting as someone inflicting their political opinions on you.

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Instead, try a slick document holder with a smarter outfit or a small backpack for something more casual. However, too much is more likely to do the opposite and have your date coughing and spluttering as they run for the hills.

You don't get a second...

Your date night grooming should be subtle. Choose a scent that you feel comfortable in and apply a spritz to either each wrist or bicep and one in the dip of each collarbone. Well, neither are pretentious accessories that pretend to be from a simpler time.

In a situation when everything you do will be over-analysed, you do not want to carry something that smacks of a desire to escape the present. Get all the What to wear on a first date men must-read FashionBeans content direct to your inbox weekly:. See all the latest vouchers, discount codes and offers from all your favourite stores for November By Miriam Bouteba 27 July Get all the latest must-read FashionBeans content direct to your inbox weekly: The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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You don't get a second chance at a first impression, especially when it comes to love. From slogan T-shirts to your work suit, here's what not to. I spent 5 months having conversations with women around the world to find out: What should a guy wear on a first date?

What to wear on a...

Here's what they said. If you're going out on a date with a woman, dress like a man.

Dress in a manner that she understands you take her seriously, that this date.

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