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How to get friends to like you

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We all want to be liked. If you struggle with feeling confident and comfortable in the presence of others, though, you're not alone. Fortunately, you can learn a few concrete skills and practices to try to make yourself and the best, most fun, and most confident version of yourself. Learn to act, look, and be the kind of person other people want to be with.

Reader Approved Why choose wikiHow? Put others at ease. If you seem nervous, you'll make other people nervous. If you're relaxed, comfortable in your own skin, and easy-going, other people will pick up on How to get friends to like you quickly and enjoy being in your presence.

One of your big goals should be putting other people at ease when you're in their presence. Learn to sit comfortably, breathing normally and sitting still. Don't tap your foot, chew gum nervously, or otherwise fidget. Just sit and be. Practice just sitting sometimes.

If you're riding the bus, you could fidget with your phone or listen to headphones, or you could just practice sitting How to get friends to like you, doing nothing. Practice looking like you're at ease. People like to be around people who make life feel like an adventure. If you want to be someone that people enjoy being around, someone who people want attention from, you need to learn to inject a little energy and spontaneity into your life.

Be willing to change plans and go with the flow. Try making plans that you'll specifically break. If you go home every day and play video games for an hour, decide that you'll do something else, but don't come up with what it is until you get out of school. Commit to coming up with a fun plan by the time you get home. Make yourself be spontaneous right now. Chat up the cute barista from the coffee shop you always go to, or call and old friend and ask if they want to hang out tonight.

There's no time like the present. In general, people don't want to turn every conversation into a debate.

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We enjoy the presence of people who are supportive, positive, and make it easier to make plans, as opposed to making it harder. Make "yes" your go to answer when friends ask if you want to go out and make plans.

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Just do it and people will look on you as a fun and supportive presence in their lives. Try to distinguish between important things to speak up about and less important things. If all your friends want to go out for tacos tonight, but you just ate tacos for lunch, is it really worth re-opening the debate and dissent? Being agreeable doesn't mean being a doormat. If you have a legitimate complaint, or you disagree with people about a matter of safety, people enjoy being around people who speak their minds as well.

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Just make sure you're not dissenting just to have something to say. Be a good listener. We all need an ear sometimes. Practice your good listening skills and really give your friends attention when they're speaking. Too often, we're merely waiting for our turn to speak and trying to think of things to say.

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Instead, put the ball in your friends' court and keep them talking. When you're listening to someone, ask questions to keep them talking.

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Look them in the eye and nod your head to show that you're listening. And really listen to what they're saying, don't just wait for your turn to talk.

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One good listening technique is repeating and summarizing what your friend has said. When it's your turn to respond, start with things like, "It sounds like what you're saying is If your friend is upset and telling you about a break-up they're going through, it's not the time to talk about how your last break-up was so much worse. A conversation isn't a contest.

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Nobody wants to be around a downer. If you're bringing the fun instead of bringing the dourness, people will be more likely to include you. Try to find the fun in things.

If you're out at dinner and the service is terrible, the food stinks, and the place is crowded How to get friends to like you loud, instead of getting grumpy, get everyone playing a game, or try to laugh it off. Get people talking about something positive.

If you feel like you're wanting to talk about something you don't like, steer yourself away and talk about something you do like. Given the option, most people want to hang out with How to get friends to like you who wants to do things, not someone who wants to "just sit around. If your friends are bored and hanging out, you'll be the one with the back-ups in an emergency. Sometimes, just hanging out quietly can be fun.

You don't need to be wild and crazy all the time to make people want to be around you, and introverts are often just as fun to be around as super-extroverts. While it might seem, especially when you're young, that everyone conforms to the same ideas and actions, in the long term, people want to be around people who are real.

People who are unique. People who have their own ideas and aren't just willing to follow the crowd.

Don't parrot things you How to get friends to like you your parents say, or you hear popular kids say, just because you want to fit in. If you're How to get friends to like you on a school project and everyone is waffling, take charge if you've got an idea about what to do.

Don't automatically wait for others to be in control. If you speak from a place of confidence, it will make you seem like a mysterious and magnetic person other people will want to be around. Practice speaking clearly and loudly when you share your ideas. If you're constantly half-prepared, confused, and overwhelmed by your responsibilities, others will start to look on you as a burden rather than an enjoyable presence.

Even things as simple as staying prepared for class will make you seem more enjoyable than a class neighbor who never has a pencil, wants to know what page you're on, and has to ask for homework help at the last minute. Do what's expected of you and more, if possible.

If you do the dishes without being asked, always hang up your towel, and cook meals for everyone, you'll be much more likely to be asked to be someone's roommate. Be self-sufficient, as much as possible. The less you need to ask for help, the more you'll be confident in your own abilities, as well as you'll be able to help others with their own problems.

Be interested in others. If you demonstrate curiosity, friendliness, and a legitimate interest in the lives of others, you'll be fun to be around. People like to be around real people, people who are curious and seem supportive.

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Be one of those people. Ask lots of questions in conversation to keep people talking and at ease in conversation.

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You can keep conversations flowing easily by asking more questions. Even simple things like, "What was that like?

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