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Johnathan Welch was 18 and working through lunch when the fumes killed him, stealing oxygen from his brain, stopping his heart. Methylene chloride, which triggered similar deaths dating as far back as the s, could be bought barely diluted in products on retail shelves. The Dip and strip colorado is common in paint strippers, widely available products with labels that warn of cancer risks but do not make clear the possibility of rapid death.

That hazard prompted the European Union to pull methylene chloride paint strippers from general use in A CPI analysis identified at least 56 accidental exposure deaths linked to methylene chloride since in the United States. Dip and strip colorado occurred before Welch died, and 24 since.

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The most recent was in July. Many Dip and strip colorado paint strippers; in other cases victims used the chemical for tasks such as cleaning and gluing carpet, according to death investigations and autopsy reports CPI obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and state open records requests.

Teenagers on the job, a mother of four, workers nearing retirement, an year-old man—the toxic vapors took them all. A Colorado resident one year Dip and strip colorado than Welch was killed his first day at a furniture-stripping shop. Three South Carolina workers were felled in a single incident in Church maintenance employee Steve Duarte, 24, survived the Iraq War only to be killed in while stripping a baptismal pool in California.

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The EPA says it does intend to take action. It is working on a rule—expected to be proposed early next year—that could stiffen warning labels on paint strippers containing the chemical, add certain restrictions, or ban the products.

But any regulation would come more than 30 years after the agency first Dip and strip colorado such possibilities for methylene chloride. The industry is lobbying against a rule, saying the chemical already is well-regulated and remains the most effective way to remove paint.

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Methylene chloride offers a case study in how products that pose major risks remain on store shelves. And agencies are unlikely to force the point with bans.

It softens old paint in minutes, allowing the coating to be scraped off.

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But if its fumes build up in an enclosed space, it can kill in minutes, too. Even workers wearing respiratory protection have succumbed. Levi Weppler, 30, who left a wife pregnant with their first child, was among those found dead with a respirator on, slumped over Dip and strip colorado Ohio bathtub he was refinishing in But the rapid-death problem was identified even earlier.

They handled more than 2, such cases in the five years ending inaccording to the most recent data. The death toll compiled by CPI, meanwhile, almost certainly undercounts the number of instances. OSHA tracks workplace fatalities, but not cases involving the self-employed or consumers. Methylene chloride is nonflammable. Dip and strip colorado million cans of paint stripper containing the chemical are sold in the United States each year, Cooley wrote in an email to CPI.

However when used in the proper setting and as directed, Dip and strip colorado are not only effective but safe. Setting aside longer-term health concerns, such as cancer, the danger posed by methylene chloride is its one-two punch when fumes accumulate. Because it turns into carbon monoxide in the body, it can starve the heart of oxygen and prompt an attack.

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The chemical also acts as an anesthetic at high doses: Its victims slump over, no longer breathing, because the respiratory centers of their brains switch off. Several contracting firms were working on projects at a dam pumping station in Laurens, South Carolina. One had employees applying paint stripper to an underground area, described by OSHA in records as a basement and a pumping pit.

The emergency medical responder who tried to rescue him had to be hospitalized. The first man survived; the would-be rescuer did not. The man had been cleaning it with paint Dip and strip colorado and collapsed. Already—in just a matter of seconds—the fumes had overcome him, too.

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The man he was trying to save died. He was in the tank for at Dip and strip colorado 45 minutes, green foam flowing from his mouth when he was finally pulled out. His health has never been the same. Sufficiently concentrated, methylene chloride will kill anyone. Smokers can be affected more quickly, too, given their already elevated carbon monoxide levels.

Braiman, a former CPSC adviser and president of the since-renamed Empire State Consumer Project, clearly remembers seeing the carbon monoxide cautions appear on cans afterward—only to Dip and strip colorado a few years later.

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The CPSC never did require them, the agency says. Today, some labels tell customers with heart problems to check with a physician before using paint strippers.

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CPI could find none that specifically warned about carbon monoxide or heart attacks. Yet deaths from the solvent that involve consumers, though far harder Dip and strip colorado track than worker fatalities, have occurred in the United States.

But when we did the assessment, we also found cancer risks. The solvent industry opposes the effort. Paint stripper warning labels, in Spanish as well as English, all advise against using the products in poorly ventilated areas, she said in a recent interview.

Some give bathrooms as an example.

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But a CPI Dip and strip colorado of products sold at 15 home improvement stores in Dip and strip colorado Baltimore-Washington region did not find any that explained, on the label, the potentially fatal consequences of using without sufficient airflow. The closest to it: But such a warning is not required, Dip and strip colorado added. The trade group, which prefers stronger warnings to bans, twice suggested such a move to the CPSC after the EPA began assessing the products.

When the agency tried to ban asbestos under TSCA, the blanket prohibition was overturned in court in The court loss reverberated. The EPA already tried to take a soft approach for methylene chloride strippers. It met with manufacturers to ask them to voluntarily switch to another substance.

The agency got no takers. Swapping one chemical for another is often a hazard trade-off. Some paint strippers with methylene chloride are flammable, too, due to other ingredients mixed in.

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He finds it works quicker than using a chemical stripper, and the potential hazard it creates—dust—is easily controlled by turning on the faucet. He has no desire to go back to methylene chloride. Johnathan Dip and strip colorado was one of the youngest victims.

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Dizzy spells came on some months in. Inhe passed out at work and needed medical treatment, according to records later obtained by state investigators. A doctor diagnosed him with sinus problems, and Johnathan kept stripping furniture. After high school, he went full-time.

He took to working through lunch to get out faster. Thirty-five minutes later, he was found collapsed over the tank, his hair Dip and strip colorado the chemical mixture that was Dip and strip colorado percent methylene chloride, one burned and swelling arm in the liquid.

Doctors tried to save him, but Johnathan was brain dead. Chemical inhalation, according to their diagnosis, had starved him of oxygen. The next day Rita Welch and her ex-husband agreed to take him off life support. Sixteen years later, the death of her only child is as raw as a fresh wound. In the absence of bans or voluntary substitutions, the first link in the chain that ends with customers exposed to methylene chloride is the manufacturers.

The possibility of death is mentioned only in connection with swallowing and huffing. The Jasco warnings are typical for the market, according to a CPI review of labels on seven other brand lines.

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They struck her the same way as most consumer-product warnings: What the warning Dip and strip colorado are good for, lawyer Jason Rowe says, is limiting liability. She settled, in part because of the poor track record for the few civil cases decided by judges or juries.

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After manufacturers, the next link in the methylene chloride chain is retail stores. After two California workers died in paint-stripper accidents, the state Department of Public Health sent specialists posing as consumers to stores that carry the products. Methylene chloride strippers were more widely available than safer alternatives, they found, and none of the store clerks warned about the fatal implications of improper use.

Some, in fact, said the products posed no danger. Home Depot did not respond. When products are destined for worksites, employers are the final link in the distribution chain. Since that standard went into effect inDip and strip colorado air samples testing positive for the chemical topped the exposure limit nearly 20 percent of the time, a CPI Dip and strip colorado shows.

Almost all the companies whose workers died from methylene chloride were found in violation and fined. He suggested to the inspector that Welch could have committed suicide—a claim TOSHA noted in the file but did not accept. The agency sought help from NIOSH, which drew up recommendations for engineering controls to fix ventilation problems at the shop.

Neither of his two employees had been properly trained about methylene chloride hazards.

One, age 24, told the inspector that he would get lightheaded there sometimes and would have to leave the stripping area to Dip and strip colorado better. The other, while working without a respirator at a chemical tank, explained his method of avoiding overexposure: The shop, in a rundown Dip and strip colorado of Red Bank, a city surrounded by Chattanooga, is still operating.

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